Couch to 5K

W3r3 done - yeay

So that is week 3 done and now comes the really hard part: fitting running in with a busy month at work.

I thought I wouldn't finish my last run but pushed myself to do about another 45 secs or so...not much I know but I was on the flat and need to prove to myself I could do this.

Unfortunately during my walk the heavens opened and I mean opened. So I only got a 1 minute walk as I stopped under a tree for a few seconds to get my breath, and grab my key, then jogged the last minute back to the house....I was drenched.

I did my stretches but know I will pay for missing my warm down. I wouldn't mind but I jogged in the drizzle, this was like I had done that ice bucket challenge: I was soaked through.

Anyway, warm showered and all sorted. just need a cup of tea

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well done :D very trying conditions out this morning :D and week 3 all done enjoy your rest days you deserve them :D


Well done on getting week3done


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