Couch to 5K

Rocked my way to a 10k!

Rocked my way to a 10k!

Last night i ventured out to try a longer run as there was little wind and/or rain, and after seeing the forecast this was my best chance! Haven't done a longer than 7.5k since October ish , and with the LWR creeping up needed to prove i could do it still to myself!

set off from Shanklin, and with the fun playlist ( below) !

that brought back memories of my short-lived soft-rock phase in the 80's/90's , hanging out in Calverts pub with my brothers heavy rock pals and the constant thud through my ceiling as Paul learnt electric guitar(badly!) and played loud music! :X

i jollied along, not trying to go mad fast(not that i can really!) just steady-ish. Lots of runners and dog walkers out, took my torch this time for the pitch dark stretch(4 lamposts out!) which was better! Had decided not to look at the garmin til i got to where my car was parked, hoping that would be around the 9.5k mark then head back and forth along the front til it was achieved! Got a few aches along the way, but was chuffed that my breathing is pretty much under control nowadays, was marking myself out of 10: Breathing:8, legs:7, achy shoulders and neck :5! thats the main problem i have on any run over a 5k, any hints and tips??!! by this time bananarama had arrived so knew i was past 45 mins and on to the next rockmyrun playlist!!!

the time quite flew by, i was feeling determined to make it, checked watch past the car, 9.27k damn! so still a way to go, turned around and got to the end of the prom for the end stint!

heres the stats, i got 9 cups! yay, love strava! :)

Really glad i went last night as its blowing a hooley here tonight! few aches today but nothing major, so positive progress! Did 7k on tues night with running club, which ended with a half k hill, so feeling like my new years resolution to keep up with my running and improve is a success so far(but its only week 2!!!!) celebrated with day off today and pecan plait with several lovely large cups of tea( thats for you MIles_Yonder!!)

Happy running everyone!

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Good heavens, missis, you are putting the rest of us to shame! I did just over 5k this morning and it felt goooood. I'm doing dry January, and that definitely helps (though I'm still clearing up the Christmas cake and a cupboard full of peanuts!).

My arms ache much worse than my legs at the moment, but then I am concentrating on running properly and trying to use my arms productively when I run. I have to take painkillers when I go to bed as they keep me awake!

Cuddles to George from me x


Think thats my most running EVER in 2 days! Won't be that often though i reckon. I'm not doing dry January, but i only drink maybe once a week and not alot, i'm a lightweight! I was on the dry roasted peanuts visiting mum on weds, had salad fro lunch then doughnut and nuts at mums, never mind eh??!!

my arms ok(hope you feel better soon, well done on your Goooooood run! :) ) but wish i could sort the neck shoulders,but they have been crunchy for ages, might treat myself to a massage if i (ever!) get some spare money!! :X I can feel my stomach muscle working more so must be doing a bit more movement!

Just off out with George, he will be wearing his smart reflective coat! he had a beach run this morning but tide nearly in so minimal play time( few frolics in the sea!) He sends you a big lick for the cuddle! :)


I really do hope George is a dog! Well done Ali de Run-on :) That is fantastic - Strava looks interesting - I took a peek at the map - if you run the cursor along - you can see how you've run out and back and then a little and then kind of done a little hoppity dance home - but then small things amuse me! Fantastic playlist and a great time too - keep up the good work when the winds die down :)


Yes he is a little Jack russell of character and distinction! :) Feisty little devil! Wants to eat my guinea pigs! :(

Yes i did do a hoppity dance home, sped up a bit to get a good finish! Strava i find really good, a new feature shows you how you have run on that route today against previously, its really interesting! And free for the basic version! :)

I'd forgotten about that playlist, its a good one! just downloaded a new one, you get one free per month, and to join up is free on rockmyrun :)

i'm a walking advert for free computer stuff!

merci Ru-Non, hope you are doing well? Just back in from the wind, its nasty out there! :X


I like the sound of George - so he runs too I guess when he's not full of Guinea Pig. Yes I shall join up to Strava and take a peek at rockmyrun - you really are up on the download freebies :) Tomorrow is a running day but 60mph gusty winds are forecast on this 'ere coast ooh argh, so I might do a bit of speed training (with the wind behind me :) )


hope you make it out there ok, the wind behind you sounds like a good plan! George has done parkrun twice( 24mins &26 mins, not with me i'm afraid!) and a few seafront runs, hes not bad at all(faster than me!)

Download freebies are good! :)


Well done! Ive only done 10K once and its such a great distance, love the long runs, and a great time too! Love the playlist, I wasnt born then but deep down I am an 80s child and an obssessed bon jovi addict. Bon Jovi keeps me going every run, and all day.


Thanks Melly2

i saw them on the "Keep the Faith " tour around 1993, at Wembley arena! It was great! :)


Great post..makes me have aspirations!!!....lovely picture as well!!


thanks pot58! found the pic on the internet! :)


Ali Wighter! :-) Great report there, thank you for sharing! Very nice time too, and even splits. :-) Sounds a very nice run indeed; do you feel more confident going into the LWR now?

There's a few songs on that playlist that I like! :-) Well done on such a great 10K; you'll be tackling HM distance next! :-)

Regarding the aches when running over 5K, do they come on at certain times/distances? When I first started running I always got a sharp pain in my left ankle when running anything over 5K. It'd first come on about 6K. Then after a while, 7/8K, then later and it eventually disappeared. Hopefully your aches will mysteriously vanish as well. :-)

Tea? :-( Why must you torment me with this frightful substance?! :')

Again, well done on a great run! :-) x


Don't be a WUSS! tea is not scary its nice and friendly! :)

its usually anything over 5k when my shoulders and neck ache, too tense probably! sometimes get achy legs but they wear off after 5k weirdly too!

Not sure i'll be a long distance runner, the GSR 10 miles is what i'll work towards for Oct! :)

Hope you've had a good week! :) Hows the 365 plan? :)


:D I never said I was scared of it, I said I find it truly too revolting for words! That said, when I was in Somaliland in 2013, I took a liking to Somali tea - it's milky and a little bit spicy and rather nice, though sadly not something I've since been able to emulate at home!

Could be due to being tense, the aches. Have you tried foam rolling the offending areas? That may help a bit?

Keep at it, you'll run longer distances yet! Ah, you're doing the GSR? I really want to as it looks brilliant, but it's not long after my marathon, but it should be do-able! You'll do it with no problems and after that, you're only 3 miles away from a HM! :-)

I was about to e-mail you, actually. :-) Run 365 is progressing well thank you; I did 1.56 miles this morning, a good portion of it running backwards, which went okay, though I was so tired and the whole thing was a bit of a struggle, but we get days like that, don't we? Long run tomorrow, followed by the physio.

Oh, and last night I signed-up for another race: the Leeds HM! I'm doing all their other races so I thought sod it, let's do this as well. :D

Parkrun tomorrow?


i was joking about being scared!! :X

Can't believe you're backwards running! is there a running backwards race somewhere?!! sounds really hard work!

Not signed up for GSR run but thats the plan!

No parkrun as have 10.30 start at work and they have moved parkrun to Ryde so wouldn't make it back and ready in time :( The field is too waterlogged at mo!

its really windy here! Bet it is ther too? signing off for now but talk to you soon, BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Good luck for tomorrow!


Aw well done Ali! The music list is really good. I love Footloose, it's a bit mad to run too though as you want to jump all over the place. I do if I'm on the trail but not on the main road. I like the one "don't stop believing"

If your shoulders are a bit stiff you can let your arms drop by your side for a bit and shake out your hands. You can do both arms together or one at a time. It relaxes your shoulders as they do get tense as do your hands. You can do this several times during your run

It's hard work running into the wind so well done. I managed to run today and the wind just dropped while I was out, thank goodness. It's blowing gales out there now!

I had a large mug of tea when I got back. Slurp

So, when are you going for another 10 k?


Thanks misswobble ! I forgot to put in the post that when footloose came on I thought " that's a great running song! " was trying to run in time to the beat, its a fast fun song! I like it's my life by bon jovi too!

I will try to shake out my arms a bit more often, its annoying getting aches! :x

Well done on getting out in that wind, its a bit hectic isn't it!

Glad you enjoy a cuppa too! M_Y getting fed up of my tea lover's quips, ! SLURP!

Will try for next thurs again for next go! :)


Great post Ali and a pretty fine run too. Your splits are fab. I'm liking your playlist too: there are definitely some things I'm going to poach from there. I haven't had the achy shoulders and arms thing (yet!!) but it sounds horrible. There more I learn about running and running technique, the more amazed I am that anyone manages to get to the end of the street without falling over or doing themselves a permanent injury -it's complicated stuff!! Enjoy your tea m'dear! :)


Thanks ancient mum ! will have to read up a little on techniques I think! Pleased with my splits too! This year going ok so far , touch wood! :)

Having a lovely cuppa now then out for a windy george dog walk! :) hope you're ok too? X


Lovely post Ali and a good run too! Well done! I find I tense up a bit too at times and have to make a conscious effort to relax. It was so blowy at parkrun this morning I just tensed up all over! x :-D


Thanks no excuse, bet it was windy for running today, you were brave ! I'm very impressed! :)


I don't have any technique Mum. I try to remember what Laura said whilst breathing in and out. I find my breathing is much better when i don't have music on


Congratulations! 10k really is a great distance. Take it easy if you want to, push hard if you fancy it. Once you know you can run for about an hour, then you know you can go further and longer. 10k is both a mental and physical gateway and you just passed through it! I'm not a great fan of playing music while I run (but am planning to listen to some vintage Dr. Feelggod on this mornings run) but I will say that that is a great photograph!


Can't take credit for the photo, found in online! but i thought it summed up the mood! I'm not always a music listener either, but felt the need that night! Thanks Rob ! :) and your westie of course! :)


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