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Fastest 5k to date! "Poisonous parrot" didn't win today!!! :)


Well its already week 12 of my running adventure and i had a day off work which was nice , been having a few aches and pains so decided what i need to do is actually DO THE STRETCHES I'M SUPPOSED TO!!! Have got a bit lazy lately so i've printed out the sheets (link) and pinned it to the wall in the only bit of my lounge suitable due to lack of floor space. Admittedly i do the slightly reduced version still but do actually hold the stretches for the allotted time(ish!) :) Also went on my walk with George Jack Russell first today, when i set off my calf was feeling quite tight but it definitely felt better after a while............

On my return did the stretches and changed and set off for Shanklin seafront. Decided to park further along the prom so i could do the 5 min walk before i reached the start of my route, got new mp3 out(only another cheap one :( ) and soon realised that it was not very charged and was playing up . Got out of car and disentangled the cord from down my top, MP3 swiftly fell on floor and front came off it OOPS! Oh well looks like i'm going solo today then...

The drizzle was just starting but with pretty views and plenty of people and dogs about there was lots to see, only annoyance was my jangly keys that are usually covered up by music. Well, it was actually quite liberating just me and the fresh air, started to feel soggy quite early on but was feeling quite good today. I often have the negative "me" in the background saying bet you can't make it all the way to the pier and back! i usually start running part way along and had never run the full length of the route so decided that was todays challenge! As i jogged along i thought back to a workshop i did a few years back to boost self esteem (i was in a bad place in 2011- (thats when i was supposed to have started running and bought my running shoes but it never happened!) where i was told a good way to banish negative thinking is not to listen to the "Poisonous Parrot " on your shoulder telling you that you can't achieve what you want to or be what you want to be in life, its the voice trying bring you down in any situation :( Took me a section of the run to remember the phrase (for some reason it had gone from my head) but once i remembered i was like( god that phrase sounds like my niece talking !)"Yes of course i can make it there and back don't be such a Wuss" Decided not to look at my garmin til i was back at the end of the return leg, when i did i noticed it was 38.5 ish minutes (including walk) and as i wanted to run for 35 mins i carried on along toward the car aiming for the next then next seating shelter hut on the seafront. Well i made it ok, despite my often disbelief that i am now capable of such a feat!! With the walks it was exactly 6k and the garmin flashed up "New 5k record" god bless my Garmin i do love it !

At home now having belated breakfast and coffee, and watching daytime tv for half an hr before errands begin ! My colleague just texted me from work and i told her i'd been running in the drizzle! YAY beginning to think i am a runner like Laura says!

Happy running everyone!

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KAbooooooom and Kerchiiiiing!! That is bloomin' well marvellous daaaaahhliiing!!! Well done.

Good story about the poisonous parrot too......

Thanks Superdan! must be those go faster running tights!! and i've not siezed up yet......! That Parrot has alot to answer for, but not today :)


Well done Ali! I think having somewhere that gorgeous to run has to help! Your route looks stunning. I'm way jealous

I had to laugh yesterday. I had to have run past the earth's biggest manure pile yesterday!!!!

Tut. LOL

i guess its easy to take it for granted when you've lived here a long time, its definitely worth the effort to drive ther, versus the local road i use. Sorry about the manure heap, at least it made you laugh! sending you a spray of febreeze over the forum! :)


Hi Aliboo, sorry, thought I had already replied on this! Me and technology really don't mix! Glad you got a new 5k best, well done you. The Garmin is great isn't it, keeps me trying to run faster or longer and it is good to see the improvement over previous runs. Sounds like you are getting on really well and that poisonous parrot can just take a jump! Enjoy your running x

Thanks ! Just back from run same route again, tried the stepping stones podcast and got fastest 1 mile, 2 mile and 5 k! got to 32.58 mins for 5 k so under the 33 mins !yay! got to get ready for work now so BYEE for now hope you are doing ok :)

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