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My C25K music playlist

Just thought I'd share the 3 playlists I've made to run to, all other suggestions welcome.

Running Playlist 1

Stone cold sober - Paloma Faith

Roll with it - Oasis

Come on/Lets go - Paul Weller

You shook me all night long AC/DC

London Calling - The Clash

China Town - Thin Lizzy

5 minutes - The Stranglers

I Don't Feel like dancin' - Scissor Sisters

I predict a riot - Kaiser Chiefs

Something better change - The Stranglers

Running Playlist 2

Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

Do I wanna know -Arctic Monkeys

Boys don't cry - The Cure

Creep - Radiohead

I'm a man of constant sorrow - The Soggy Bottom Boys

Alive and Kicking - Simple Minds

Cigarettes and Alcohol - Oasis

Upside Down - Paloma Faith

Running Playlist 3

Showdown - Pendulum

Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Let me entertain you - Robbie Williams

All I want - Skunk Anansie

Get a grip on yourself - The Stranglers

The fallen - Franz Ferdinand

Sex on fire - Kings of Leon

Rock 'n' roll star - Oasis

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I reckon I got Man of Constant Sorrow by Rod the Mod. Wonder if it's the same song. It's bluesey

I think my fave running track of the moment is Black Betty, Ram Jam. The instrumental bit from where he sings "hit it" Is mad. I love it.

Enjoy your running and your music. A marriage made in heaven!


Yup it's a traditional blues grass song. I think the music is what makes me keep going


Oh I love Black Betty by Ram Jam so much ! Love your playlist RK,bit disappointed you haven't included anything by the Nolans though (joke :-) ) And my apologies to any Nolan fans , I must admit , I did like a couple of their songs from my teenage years :-) x


maye be i need to look into the nolans ;-) I think they did something with Motorhead :-)


If I remember correctly, Lemmy duetted on the Nolans' single 'Don't Do That' in 1981, and Cozy Powell mashed out the rhythm on the drums in his own unique manner. I was 13.


He sure did


I just sprayed tea onto my monitor! Splutter

Get Ram Jam onto your playlist! Woohoo


I will have to go search it out. Young and moody band included Lemmy and the nolans, good old R&B


I'll have you know I've seen the Nolans live! At the Bournemouth international centre in about 1985 Lol


Ha ha Im well jell :-) What about this then - I saw Motorhead at Bingley Hall in Stafford in, I think 1980 something, not sure about the date . I spent the entire concert absolutely terrified as there was some very scary people there to be honest . Much preferred listening to " Im in the mood for dancing " when I was putting on my warpaint and supping my Lambrini ( bleurgh !) getting ready to go out haha : t'is true :-) xx


a Motorhead gig sould be a compulsory life time experience for everyone. On foirst reasing I thought you said "warpaint and stripping" lol


It certainly was an experience, I will give you that :-) ! xx




Try Iron Maiden's 1982 classic album, "The Number Of The Beast", about 40 minutes long. Though there are fast and slow songs, they are in nearly the same tempo (full time, cut time) which makes it easy to maintain a constant pace or rhythm while running or cycling. Ministry's 1992 album "Psalm 69" has many of the same traits.

Heavy Metal and Industrial albums may not be easy listening music and won't appeal to non-fans, but for creating aggression and keeping your focus during endurance sports, there's nothing like them. They don't have to be played loud to have a positive effect.


In my teens I was into Goth/Rock/Metal and so I have Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection as a favourite. The pace is not fast, but it goes on forever. Totally different style is another favourite, Eminem 'Lose Yourself'. And a nice balance between the 2 is Lose Yourself by Puff Daddy owing to the Led Zeppelin sample.


I have found that too fast a pace doesnt help me, i just need something with a constant well defined beat


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