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Shins from hell!!!

Hey there....I'm sooo enjoying reading the posts on here. You experienced runners are so supportive, even when you've answered the same questions/comments time and time again. Its brill....and thanks. Xx

I completed C25K on the treadmill on Christmas Day and v chuffed with myself..despite being the slowest runner ever and only managing 2.3k!!! Last night I walked 5k quite easily and tonight I started C25K again....outside!! After reading all your posts I'm realising a whole new world will open up to me if I run outside and I must admit, I loved the cool evening air and enjoyed the freedom and views. I ran with my wonderful 12 year old son (who put me to shame by leaping over posts, rapping as he ran and charging off like a bullet) and who is willing to run with me every time-bless him. My shins started hurting during week 8 on the treadmill and I don't just think its swapping to outside. Maybe its my trainers, maybe its my weight ( a lot to lose but 20lbs gone so far).

Just a grumble I suppose as I'm so keen on making progress that I don't want an injury to stop me now. I don't think I'll ever be the greatest runner but some of your tales are so inspirational, considering we all started in the same place.

Cheers all. Xxx

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Thanks KittyKat. I had a feeling it might be my trainers. I'm pleasantly surprised that my shins don't hurt too much this morning-thought I'd be in agony. I will take your advice and look into more cushioning on my soles, as well as the exercises. I did have a mighty stretch after the run last night so that might have made the difference today. Thanks again. Xxx


The shins take the strain for a lot of the repetitive use of muscles from running. It is important to strengthen these areas as shin splints or pain can restrict your running for a considerable time. There are many exercises on the net to prevent or ease shin splints. I would recommend that you check these out and do 5 minutes of stretching every day. They are boring but are worthwhile. Pilates is also a good cross training exercise. Good cushioned shoes will assist in keeping your body in balance but will not strengthen the weaknesses.


Most sport shops will do free gait analysis and recommend the right shoes for you. They are expensive but worth every penny. Most shops will also take back any unsuitable shoes they've recommended up to 28 days, even if they covered with mud. Definitely worth it, they spent about an hour with me, and my shin pain disappeared immediately


Also, if you have the option to run on grass or footpaths instead of/as well as tarmac, that might help. Jealous of you having a full-time running buddy!


Ha ha, yes he is a good sport tea fairy. Thanks everyone. Dont know when its shin splits or weak muscles. Difficult to tell. It's definitely worth a look into new trainers though. Remarkably pain free as the day has gone on. Pleased. :-)


Yeouch, shin splits!!! You know what I mean.....


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