Dozzer19's school report - Physics - no understanding of weights, measures and forces

Arrived in Physics dept on time where teacher and assistant looked over me with disdain. They announced there was no point giving me too much work at once and did I know anything about forces? They gave me the name Newton (& Travolta?), said I should get the encyclopaedia out of the library, do some research and report back with an essay on apples.


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22 Replies

  • Pole and mustard - unusual!

  • Think I meant apple and mustard, not pole.

  • Ah Dozz, would that be the lovely Olivia's first, second or third law you're interested in. Which, to paraphrase Mr Travolta, is the one that you want? (Ooo Oo Oo, honey!)

  • Psssssssst!! Do you wanna crib me homework Dozz?

    Olivia's first Law: An object at rest stays at rest, unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. (Ie. We sit on the couch until we get pushed off)

    Olivia's second law: As mass increases, acceleration decreases (ain't that the truth!) As force increases, acceleration increases (more effort =more speed)

    Olivia's third Law: For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction (ie. for every good intention, there's an imp offering peanut butter and the comfort of the couch.) ;)

  • You have an imp with lead? I'm there!

  • You might think that, I couldn't possibly comment ;)

  • Hummm.......chromium?? .........Lighter and shinier than lead.....More decorative..... Ice cream?? ;)

  • You have the idea. A huge amount of chromium is eaten by ramblers.

  • Hummmm.... Not exactly ice cream then?....Surely you're not talking about Kendle Mint Cake!! *skips off to google what ramblers eat, apart from cheese and pickle sandwiches*

  • Oh wait a minute, we're talking about chocolate aren't we? Of course, nice, shiny chromium wrapper! :)

  • Now, all we have to figure out is what sodium is...... x

  • Keep trying, think of the ramblers, ask Roget.

  • Definitely off to google rambler food!

  • Chromium - Cr - Crisps

  • I'm warning you, if Sodium is either minstrels or polos (I asked Roget) I'll be cross! Both are too obscure! Should be fish and chips really, but the ways of Dozz are mysterious indeed!

  • Duh!!! Of course, Walkers crisps!!! Kat you're a genius. I am way to slow for this game! (bit like my running really!)

  • Alleluia! And the Na? Did you get there in the end?

  • Chromium - Cr - Crisps. Obv

  • Now you've got me wondering if Na was for Nachos ;)

  • * Has hits forehead moment*. Duh!!!!!!! Sodium, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, sulphur!!

    Oh Dozz, I am not worthy!........ :D

  • Hey Dozz......

    How do you like them apples !!!! :-D xxx

  • Them, thar apples? Nanna Smith's of course!

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