End of week 4 and no weight loss??

Hi Guys, I gave up smoking 6 weeks ago and put quite a bit of weight on, and was cajoled into race for life at the end of June, so thought I'd better do something about it!! I've just finished week 4, plus being really good with my diet and I've not lost any weight. In fact i think I've put a couple more pounds on!! Any ideas why? Is there anything else I can do as all my clothes are too small and I don't want to go and buy bigger sizes as that is admitting defeat isn't it? Thanks


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  • I wrote a little bit about that a while ago:


  • good post x

  • Try drinking more water. Most people tend to retain water when they first start or increase exercising. It is temporary but more water will speed up the losses. Also exercise is not an efficient way to lose weight, it has a gazillion other benefits but improved weight loss is not often one of them, you body needs to get used to the new regime before it will give up the fat stores. One of the reasons for not losing it that we tend to overestimate calories burned and then have a few treats because we have been good. On the other hand once we start exercising we down want to eat junk and so pollute our nice new body-temple. One just needs to think like a body-temple person rather than a exercise = food rewards person.

    Try measuring yourself instead of weighting, you may see a size difference before a weight one.

    Having given up smoking and taking up running your body is going through a whole bunch of biochemical changes not to mention the psychological ones. Give yourself time, you are doing all the right things, the weight will come off.

    Good luck, stick to the diet for weight loss and running for toning and an extra 6 years life expectancy.

  • Wow well done on giving up the fags and getting more active xxx

    Losing weight is something like 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. The level you work out at during this programme doesnt actually earn that many calories sorry!

    And some people (not saying this is you!) eat more and overcompensate without realising.

    But I know for a fact that keeping on with this programme and running regularly after wards WILL definitely help you lose inches! So if you havent taken your measurements recently can I suggest you do so now, and then re do them every month or so?

  • ah thanks guys. I know I need to drink more water - (is flavoured sparking ok as I'm not a big fan of plain?) I am going to keep going we've got £250 of sponsership so far, so can't let that go!! i am defo feeling better and yes the changes have been immense, I suppose I thought I would see more weight loss as well.

    Thank you, You are all fab xxxx

  • Try soda water with a squeeze/slice of lemon or lime instead - or at least read the labels and try to avoid any with artificial sweeteners. Drinking water shortly before meals should help you eat less. Have a look at the MyFitnessPal website and App - it is a really helpful and easy tool to help you balance your calorie intake and exercise. Good luck !

  • P.S Andy just read your post, thanks will keep going wth the diet and see what happens!

  • Hi Appollonia, the key is not to treat it like a diet and eat normally , just ask yourself if you really want it and really think about what you are eating. The first step for me was also writing a food diary in the early days, that really helped. I never counted calories and in 3 years Ive lost 13 stone!! Good luck you can do it.xx (sorry to other bloggers as I repeat myself!!!!!!! its just lovely to help other people x)

  • When I started this programme back in January, one of the main reasons for me was weight loss. I put on 21lbs during my pregnancy with my second daughter, and I really wanted to lose it ASAP afterwards and get back into my smaller clothes. Since being on the programme I have yo-yo'd a lot in my weight loss, probably partly due to gaining muscle, partly due to eating too much at times, and sometimes due to eating too little - it took me a while to realise I needed to eat a decent amount to actually lose weight! My daughter is now 11 months, and I have lost 17lbs, 9lbs of which has been since starting the programme in January. I am out of my original post-baby clothes, but have had to buy some interim clothes as it'll be a while before I am into my smaller clothes, and I am feeling so much better about things just for doing this. I didn't even spend that much - one pair of jeans was £10 from New Look, and I got 4 or 5 tops from Asda for £3 each.

    I now feel a lot happier and my priorities have changed. I still want to lose the weight, but running is now something I am doing as a hobby and to keep fit for life, and while I know weight loss will hopefully be a happy side effect of this, I'm not longer as impatient for it as I was, and if I gain weight, I just shrug and keep on running! Despite all the ups and downs on the scale, the overall trend has been downwards, and I am feeling really positive about it. My husband has done the C25K too and has lost 20lb since January and feels the same in terms of this being a change for life and not caring so much about how long it takes to lose the weight. We both feel more confident about it than we ever have before, and are eating more healthily too, so it's all good. So maybe a few new clothes might just help take the pressure off while you get into the running?

  • I too quit the fags recently and I found I replaced them with food and drink for a week or two. The champix I'm taking as well has blown me up like a blow fish! It seems to have calmed down again now the cravings have lessened but I'm sure I'm carrying some extra timber on my butt and thighs (that'll be the galaxy's I was practically snorting lines of). I'm not weighing myself because I'm not perfect and I can only tackle one big thing at a time and fat time isn't due yet! Anyway, when I start deflating from the champix I reckon the flatulance ell knock at least a minute a mile off my personal best ;)

    Don't worry, it'll all fall into place in time. Slow and steady wins the race :)

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