Dozzer19's report - Food Tech - progress Eating too much lead, chromium and sodium (are you with me am and kk?) so sent to Food Tech

Food Tech announced that likewise aluminium, bismuth and nitrogen had to be cut. Having spotted some gadolinium in a mirror I quickly agreed and left, filching said product as I passed. Am now planning secret meeting with tellurium.


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21 Replies

  • Did you have to be ground down and put in a test tube to find this out?! Sounds nasty

  • Am planning larger vessel than test tube - Bunsen burner it already lit!

  • Tin bath in front the fire? I hope a rubber duck won't contaminate the results.

  • Crikey, that'd be a duck a l'orange to remember!

  • Sounds a bit of a mystery to me. Are you an apothecary by any chance? Or is this going to be the melting pot of doom ?

    Keep us posted, do! Please take care. This stuff is tricky!

  • Bismuth? Bi= Biscuits? (Nooooo you'd be denied JammyDodgers!)

    Aluminium? Al= Ale?

    Nitrogen? N?.....

    Gadolinium and tellurium? Ga+Te??? Gateaux??

    Dozz, am I even remotely on the right track here?? Actually, having read the other posts, suspect I'm not. Don't need a Bunsen burner to eat biscuits and gateaux!

  • Try a little more.

    All is not lost.

    If it's not too inappropriate for this website get in the shower and do some revision of the periodic table.

    Remember I saw the gadolinium through a mirror.

    The nitrogen - that can come from anywhere in the world and any old aluminium will do.

    Keep it up!

  • Hahaha Dozz you seem to be setting the c25k equivalent of a cryptic crossword! The mirror image of gadolinium is silver but not sure where you're heading with that. Gonna make tea in my periodic table mug (you thought I was joking with that link, didn't you?) and give this whole thing some more thought! Grrrrr I'm supposed to be working!!! ;)

  • Reverse the letters that represent gadolinium, not the full word, then use your super psychic powers to work it out.

  • Pants!! Big fail! In fact, Epic Fail!! Ga is the symbol for Gallium not Gadolinium (oh the shame of an ex-biochemist, getting that wrong) So mirror image isn't Ag (Sliver) but Dg. Dg??? Hummmmmm...... Not Jammy D(od)g(ers) Life would be too cruel withou a jammy dodger en route. :)

  • Now just have to sort out aluminium, bismuth and nitrogen and tellurium. Something tells me I'm wrong about Jammy dodgers. KittyKat, where are you?? I'm being incompetent here1

  • Yep, I'm stuck too. I want to know where the Bunsen burner comes into it! Bi, N Al Dg Perhaps it's 'bin all jammy dodgers' but then what's the tellurium for? ;)

  • Come back Zippy, all is forgiven! Damn that cup of tea for wrecking her laptop!

    Let's so back to basics (to quote John Major): The mirror image of gadolinium is having a secret meeting with tellurium, and we have Bi, any old Al and N from anywhere in the world. Not forgetting a Bunsen burner and a big vessel. I wonder if the letters can be jumbled up? Does b have to be next to i? Does A have to be next to l? Gonna have a look for anagrams. Grrrr, I have stuff to do and my head's full DozzQuest!! :)

  • Only found glint bead so far. Don't reckon that's it lol : D

  • Yet again possible GENIUS there Kat! We have 'eating' and b, l and d left over or possibly 'bleating' with d left over. Dozz must be in hysterics, laughing at our efforts. I definitely wouldn't have made it to Bletchley Park during the war!! ;)

  • You're probably right. I'm creamcrackered and officially admitting defeat for the night. If I wake up at 3am with the answer, I'll be really p*ssed off ;)

    Good night Kat, good night Dozz x

  • In case you're still confused, here you go -Lead PB - peanut butter

    Chromium CR - crisps

    Sodium Na - nachos

    Aluminium AL - alcohol

    Bismuth BI - biscuits

    Nitrogen N - nuts

    Gadolinium GD (reverse to DG) - dodgers

    Tellurium TE - tea

    You need the Bunsen burner to heat the water for a large cup of tea.


  • Oh god, I suppose I ought to. You're all so brave putting up with this arsing about rather than me doing any running.

  • Pah!! You mean I'd almost sussed it and you didn't tell me! I got the biscuits and the flippin' dodgers. I was just too specific with the ale. Would never have got nuts though. Tea might have been possible if I'd stopped heading off on a wild goose chase about anagrams grrrrrrrrr. Feeling Phosphorus, iodine and a whole heap of sulphur-ed, oxygen and a ton of fluorine, at the moment. Better get those trainers on because I'm coming up there after you!! :)

  • Sweet of you to say so mdear but I let myself get distracted. Should have focussed on it being all about the initial letters. Grrr. Feel like I do when I mess up a sudoku :-O Heading off to make a pot of tellurium and eat a mirror image of gadolinium ;)

  • Sounds like a load of unobtainium to me ;)

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