WhoooHooo A Last and A First!

WhoooHooo A Last and A First!

I typed a long post on here, but it seems to have disappeared, so apologies if it comes back and you've got me twice ;-)

The short version is that I've finally finished W9R3 Whoopeeeee :-) I had to guess on timing as Laura abandoned me half way through my last run, and I'm away and forgot to pack a charger - doh! But ran a total of 34 mins and 9 secs!

I also ran (for the first time) in my lovely new vivobarefoot shoes. See picture attached, they are brilliant, sooooo comfy!

So - what next?


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23 Replies

  • Congratulations on graduating! You will be smiling all day and deservedly so!

    Those shoes look lovvely! What is it about them that is different?

  • Thanks. :-)

    The shoes have no heel, they are completely flat with a very thin sole. The idea is that you run as you would if you had no shoes on (forefoot first rather than heel first) which is better for joints as the impact tends to go through the calf rather than the knee and/or hip. An ex of mine was a keen 'barefoot' runner and he got my brother interested. It's different way of running and you're supposed to swap over slowly, but as I've never run any other way I've been fine with it. Up until now I've just used very thin gym shoes, but these are brilliant and so much better!


  • Wow thanks for explaining x

  • LOL, I've just re-read it! Sorry, I do go on a bit! You can tell I'm keen


  • Not at all! Keen is good here xx

  • Congratulations on your graduation !

  • Thanks


  • Great Stuff Barefoot ! Many Congratulations on your Graduation !

    You sound as if you are on Cloud Nine, love the shoes. Ive never seen those barefoot shoes close up before.

    Enjoy your day ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks!

    I am indeed on Cloud Nine ;-) I've an essay to write but (as you can see) concentration is not my strongest point ever and especially now!


  • That badge looks great barefootrunner! Many congratulations.

    I love those shoes as they look so comfy. Did you ease yourself into them to begin with as I imagine they are very different to ordinary running shoes?

  • Thanks, I must admit, I rather like the badge :-)

    The shoes are bliss! I've run in gym shoes up until now, so, although a thicker sole they are similar to the VB shoe. As this is my first running experience I didn't have to worry about the transition, just got on running barefoot style.


  • Congratulations BFR, that's brilliant :)

  • Thanks :-)

  • Woooo nice shoes!!!! And big pom-pom waves for graduating of course!!!! Still 4 to go for me but my head is already in "what next?" mode. I've downloaded the speed and stamina podcasts, although I think I'm going to aim for the stamina side of things to start with, and then speed can come eventually :)

  • Thanks, love my shoes and appreciate the pom-pom waves!

    I'll have to look at the next lot of podcasts. I agree about the stamina first, although I do need to speed up at some stage. I can walk faster than I run/jog/lollop along.


  • PS, you're doing well, it's never easy when you're injured and I admire your ability to get up and go. Keep on keeping on, 4 more will go in a flash!


  • Thank you :). I must be getting more stubborn in my old age as failure is definitely not an option! Plus I'm also determined to show my kids that just because they have a disability, albeit an invisible one, it doesn't have to mean they can't do anything they want :)

  • You may yet still have to "transition" into these shoes- you may not have been running in heeled shoes BUT - you have spent your entire life walking in heeled shoes. So, my advice to you would be to take it easy with these shoes - a little at a time and build up distance in them slowly. I have a pair of Saucony Kinvara shoes - as well as Nike Free 5.0's. The Kinvaras have only a 4 mm heel to toe drop -- that is 4mm higher than your shoes. In the early days , my calves and achilles did definitely not like these Kinvaras -- but they learnt!! :)

  • Thanks Bazza, I've been walking barefoot for a long time around the house and have never worn 'heels', but agree, I probably do need to be careful and will watch how my calves react. So far today no problem, but tomorrow may be another story! When I first started running in my gym shoes I did feel it a bit, so am aware there could be problems. They are a delight to run in though, I really didn't think I'd notice as much of a difference.


  • Yeay! Congratulations! Feels fantastic doesn't it :D Nice badge too btw ;)

  • Thanks! And I do love my badge


  • Congrats on your graduation! Well done!

    I saw someone running along the concrete promenaded in Spain with real bare feet - no shoes at all! Ouch!

  • Thanks, still feeling chuffed!

    I think your feet are supposed to harden to get used to it, but I'm not sure I'd fancy trying it out, especially in the heat! Mind you, it might make me run faster if the ground was too hot!


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