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Hi people,

My runs are going good, started with 5k+, it wasn't bad I believe, I'll keep training. My wife is on week 5 now, she's super excited now, but the thing is that she's always worried about pregnancy. She had a miscarriage a couple of months ago, and now we hope that we get another opportunity, and she's afraid that running might not be good for her at this stage, what do you think?


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  • Hey, I think speaking to a qualified doctor would help, because they would know her full story. But my understanding is that, miscarrying in early pregnancy is actually a common occurrence, it is not induced by stress, exercise, diet, or anything in particular the mother has done after conception. In fact, if you are trying to conceive, doctors advocate that exercise and a healthy diet better your chances, and will certainly not hinder them. So it may actually be of a benefit to hear to be on the programme as she is trying to get pregnant, especially because it does not have you running long distances.

    I don't know about running DURING pregnancy, I think that depends on her fitness levels to start with and how far she could run before she got pregnant etc. Alot of women run through the first two trimesters with no problems, others not so much. So again, asking a doctor would be your best bet on that one.

    This is just what I personally think, so I would take it with a pinch of salt :)

  • I'm sorry about your wife's miscarriage. I think the advice you need can only really come from a doctor. I'd be wary about accepting non medical advice - but even if the doctor says no running, she could probably do other things to keep fit and then get back to running after. Good luck and hope it all works out for you

  • Congratulations on the pregnancy. I had a late miscarriage in June so understand the worry all to well. I started C25K in July and completed it in early September. Found out I was pregnant again after my second 5k run! I asked the gp and midwife who both said that I could carry on running to the amount my body was used to and not to up my training or attempt to do faster times etc. I've carried on and am still running now albeit a lot slower than before and am almost 21 weeks now. Good luck to you both xx

  • Thank you so much indeed, that's awesome, Merry Christmas, and I hope my wife would be able to keep going with the C25K.

  • First of all I am sorry about the miscarriage xxxx it's very upsetting and distressing for you both xxxx the only thing I would say is speak to a healthcare professional they will be able to advise you much better as they know your wife's medical history, however I can't see there being a problem....some ladies have successfully ran throughout their whole pregnancy....even with one lady completing a marathon while she was 7 months pregnant! From the general consensus of pregnant ladies that have ran during is that they ran as long into their pregnancy as they felt able too and although the distance was shorter and not as fast they said it also helped a great deal with labour as well, made it easier.....and as for running now it can't do any harm, infact doctors are always banging on about diet and exercise to help in fertility so I say to the Mrs go for it!

  • Thank you all for the tips and advice. The thing is though, my wife is on week 5 in the C25K not 5 week pregnant, hopefully she'll get pregnant when she's a little more advanced in the program and her fitness levels are higher. We'll consult the doctor as well and see.

    Happy New Year

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