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I hope everyone has had an illness and injury free Christmas.

We visited relatives before Christmas and I picked up a cough from my sis and her husband. I've been coughing for a week and I'm not sure if I'm fit to run, its now been 2 weeks since my week 8 runs and I'm starting to worry if I'll be fit to try week 9 or maybe go back a week or two.

Also I got a new garmin from Santa and can't wait to try it out :-)

I started C25K in September and was determined to graduate before the end of the year but feel I've been sabotaged!

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Life tends to get in the way of our plans and goals!!! You will do fine...just go slow and if you make it through a week 9 run, great!! :-) If not, just move back a run or two. You are only competing against yourself and if your not feeling well, don't risk the chance of injury or extending your illness. That said, I better practice what I preach! :-) We are going out today after illness and holidays, so we really don't know what to expect either. Gayle


You are right Gayle, thanks. Its frustrating though isn't it? Hope your run went well.


Hi Isabella, i agree with Gayle, take it easy and just carry on from where you left off, you will be fine, Ed x


Thats the beauty of this site, theres so much support and advice. Thanks Ed.


No worries, Isabelle!! I have to echo what the others have said!! Gayle and I just returned from our run today and as she said, due to illnes, our daughter's surgery and Christmas, it had been three weeks since our last run. It was tough and a bit slow, but we did it and so will you!!

Give your W9 run a go and see how it turns out. You just might surprise yourself!! If you find that you can't complete it, then worry about which week to start at!!

Best wishes for a quick recovery!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks Steve. I had a go on the treadmill last night because pavements were icy and I only managed 12 mins so I'll have to build up again.


Don't forget the difference between week 8 and week 9 is 2 minutes! You'll be fine :) and IF you only manage 28mins then try next time. You can't stop life and we are only human, unlike celebrities with their personal trainers and gyms in their homes!

Good luck and have a little faith in yourself



Thanks, hope your runnings going well.


Don't worry you'll get back on track - I pulled a muscle and had to stop completely for two weeks. I think the important thing is to listen to how if feels when you're running. I decided to go back 2 weeks in the programme so I was repeating runs I knew I could already do. I think it helped me build stamina - I've progressed since then without problem and I've got one more run before graduation.

So if you feel really tired - maybe think about doing a couple of slightly easier runs from just before you got ill to ease yourself back in. Once you're back on track properly you'll progress quickly. good luck!


I think its a mental thing as much as physical. I was convinced I was going to finish C25K this year and am feeling a bit of a failure due to damned cough holding things up. But I'm determined to finish ASAP. Thanks for the words of wisdom parkbirdy. Hope your muscle's all better now.


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