Santa Fun ???

Slipped on some wet leaves on Sunday and rolled my ankle. 3 days later it is still massive and starting to bruise. I can weight-bare so I'm hoping it's nothing too serious but was supposed to be running in a Santa Fun Run next weekend! I was so looking forward to it and there's no way I'm not doing it as it is raising money for a charity very important to our family. My plans for finishing somewhere in the middle of the pack have been scuppered! I guess it will have to be a Santa Fun Hobble now ....


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9 Replies

  • Just make sure you do nothing on it between now and then and keep religiously apply the PRINCE principle ( the successor to RICE) - Protection (from further strain), Rest, Ice, NSAids, Compression and Elevation.

  • I've been doing RICE but will try and PRINCE from now on. Thanks for the advice.

  • Oh no!! I fell over my dog in ridiculous high heels back in May and had to have quite a long time off, stretching those muscles really really hurts doesn't it?

    Rest as much as possible and following rig' s advice will surely help...perhaps some Arnica would help with the bruising??

    Maybe a bit of swimming when you feel up to it if running is off the agenda for a while?

  • Good idea with the Arnica, I have some somewhere. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • This is why I never let my dog wear ridiculously high heels.

  • Ha ha ! Do you let your cat wear kitten heels though Rig ? :-) xxx

  • Sorry to hear that. I was on week 8 when I did a similar thing. Went to the doctor who told me I'd sprained my ankle. I have to rest it until the end of November. I did want to do a Park run in December but have had to postpone it. Make sure you don't make your injury worse by going back too soon.

  • Ha ha, just read this lot! Tee hee. You are dafties!

    Sorry to hear your hurt yourself Gouldy! I hope you are feeling somewhat less sore today. Keep up with that ice!!!! Not much you can do petal but rest up and look after your injured ankle

    I think, over time, our ankles get stronger. I'm sure mine has, and that ankle niggles etc diminish as we keep running and doing all the other strengthening stuff that we pick up along the way on our running/fitness journeys. My ankle used to be a fat, puffy souffle, forever being a let-down, but now it's made of girders.

  • Sorry Gouldy, I butted into your post then left without saying that I hope you feel better soon xxx

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