Couch to 5K


I said on FB yesterday (rather tipsy at the time) that I was planning a 10 mile run this morning, partly just because and partly because of dinner yesterday.

Morning was here, my alarm went off, I meant to get up and go but bed was comfy and warm. I didn't want to leave it too late because as hubby said I wouldn't be back until lunch time so my thoughts of scrambled egg and smoked salmon for breakfast would need to be postponed. Bed was nice, I didn't particularly feel energetic, it was still dark, getting a bit lighter now, if I hadn't 'announced' the run yesterday I think it would have turned into a quick run for the run streak. Almost fully light, I must get out there......

Anyhow, it was about quarter to 9 when I finally left. Up the hill, left, right, left, right, need a wee, so just go that way via the loo in the park, then I can cut along here, but if I go right I can go down that hill, ooh, where does that footpath go, lets have a look, I know where I am now, if I carry along the top I don't have to drop down the go back up the hill, oh blast I've come out on the road, all the way along or maybe cut right across the field, nope don't want to go that way, this is where I lost my shoe the other day, mmmmm mud! Along the road again, to a different park, quick loo stop (again!), oooh, 13k, if I go straight home from here that's my 10 miles. But I'm feeling OK, let's go round the aerodrome, add another couple of k, can I make it to a HM?

Anyhow, to cut a long story short (and I get the feeling I'm rambling), just over 22k and 2¼ hours after setting out I finally arrived home! I set out to go 10 miles and ended up doing almost 14!! I could have gone further, but when I'm that close to home my brain won't consider going any further and directs my legs home, my stomach also had something to say about which direction we'd go in.

So smoked salmon and scrambled egg for lunch?

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Wow! Well done beads, I think you may have worked off yesterday's lunch & some! Enjoy the salmon & eggs :)


Well done! You earned tons of calories there so you can have a field day food wise today. Trifle would fit the bill nicely

Have a relaxing afternoon


Wow Beads, that is really really impressive. Congratulations. Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs too :) yum yum


Fantastic Beads! You've deinitely earned that lunch!


Wow, thats very impressive, hope you have had a restful day afterwards? :)


Well done on your impromptu HM!!! Just because you can, eh? :)


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