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Week 9........a Magical Penultimate


Well, that's the second run of the week done and dusted. I did my usual trick of trying out a different route for the second run of a given week. This time I decided to run along near the Embankment - first along one side, over a bridge and back along the other side. Somewhere in the middle was the 'killer' path that I struggled with during week 7 or 8, can't quite remember which. I did remember to avoid 'killer' path today though. Generally an uneventful run but I decided to put an app on today (still using the MP3 player for the podcast though). I could hear the phone squawking away in my pocket with times and distance, the way such apps do tend to squawk at one! I rarely use an app for workout times etc., partly because I have little interest in stats at this stage and partly because such apps are so unreliable.

However, today I was able to compare the running time of the app with the running time of the podcast and app was accurate. I also knew the mileage of the route I was taking today and the app seemed to be accurate to that as well. I got home after the session and, as I headed towards the boat, I saw OH at the Elsan disposal hut emptying the porta loo with the dog supervising. As dog came towards me, thus pulling over the trolley he was tethered to, I said "Come on Pucci, let's go over the 5K call together". I grabbed his lead and off we went, continuing the warm down walk that had, in fact, finished a minute earlier. I hit the magical 5K distance during the extended warm down.

So, for the first time here are some stats: time 41m 50sec: distance 5.3K: average speed 7.7kph: 441 cals burned. This time and distance included the warm up and warm down walks.

So, I am feeling very chuffed with myself today. Just one to go................!

Happy running to one and all.

Best wishes.

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Morning Fitmo. Nice to see you! The dog too. Good weather for your 5k. Congrats on a good run today. It seems as if everything came together for you, so well done. That's another one done and dusted. Just one to go. Gulp.

Do you live on the boat then? I am going to a retirement party tomorrow for a couple who are packing up and moving on to their boat for an adventure.

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Thank you for your most kind comments. Yes, we live on the boat all the time - it's great. It's a 50 foot narrowboat and has everything we need. Like a floating bungalow. Your friends who are moving on to their boat for an adventure will probably have a wonderful time. Enjoy the party.

Well done! Nearly finished- glad the dog didn't pull the portaloo over!

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My husband had the Porta potti inside the disposal shed. Dog was tethered outside to the sack barrow that we use for moving the potti. Little dog is stronger than he looks!


Well done. Hello to your dog. Nearly there and then you get that famous badge.

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Ah yes, nearly there - just the 48 hours to go. Getting scary now.


Well done you. Almost there... I bet you can *taste* it already ;)

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It's been a worthwhile journey. I think succeeding in something like this paves the way to succeed in other areas of life. Well, that's what I tell myself at any rate. Which week are you on nowadays.

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It certainly gives self confidence. And that is great for succeeding at all sorts of things. I've done w9r2 today as well, looking forward complete this journey on Sunday and start a new one.

Well done Fitmo, you are what I aspire to be!!

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Thank you. You're also doing well and will get there but may I suggest that you aspire to graduate as your own unique self. We all bring something of our own to the programme and to the forum - we do make a difference to the world. Good luck with your continued progress. Cheers.


Lovely to see you and your coordinating dog!

Well done on your penultimate run - and great stats too. If you are averaging 7.7 pkm including the walking, your running is speedy Gonzales!

Looking forward to seeing you announce that you've completed your last run and to seeing GRADUATE next to your name.

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Thank you. He's a dear little chap. When we had our old dog put to sleep at a good age due to arthritis we told some friends of ours that we wanted another dog. They have a friend who runs a dog pound and rehomes dogs. It just so happens that he didn't have one 'in stock' at the time so went off to a well known dogs home to nab one of theirs (they do use other agencies to rehome dogs that are classed as 'hard to rehome' - our one had issues with other dogs) and in this case no money changes hands. We renamed him Pucci (rhymes with Gucci) and gave him lots of TLC. Four months on he is quite happily playing with other dogs - no problems. I think the well known dogs home wrote him off a bit too early.

With regards to stats - I didn't think it was impressive, more average, but we are, of course, assuming that the app was correct - and we all know that they can be unreliable! I think it was about right though. Just have a nice rest now until Saturday and see how I get on with the last run. Cheers.


Fantastic, sounds like a great run to me and impressive stats! Nearly there Fitmo, I shall look forward to seeing your graduation badge. I have always fancied living on a boat too, sounds lovely. x

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Thank you. Yes, living on a boat is great but you have to be a bit careful walking along the pontoons in winter frosts. It's best to make sure you scatter grit in front of you otherwise it's an unexpected cold bath! Spring and summer you can't beat it.

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I can imagine. I managed to fall in a lock off the back of a boat on my first boating holiday and had a nice cold dip in the Thames! The second time I went I couldn't throw the rope properly to the lock keeper and he ended up falling in and losing his glasses. I never lived those holidays down, so maybe I'm best on terra firma! x

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Well, hope you're not planning to visit me any time soon! Cheers.


Thank you. I'm trying to be a bit philosophical about it. I'll get excited after it happens. Ah yes, Pucci is cute - as a cartload of monkeys! He's into everything. His sport is dog agility (beginners) but he's the class clown! He can do it quite well but likes to play it for laughs. Cheers.


Hi Fitmo, brilliant stuff ! Youre nearly there , many congratulations ! I bet its amazing living on a boat . Love your little dog too :-)

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Thank you. Yes, living on a boat is pretty amazing. When everyone was affected by flooding during the winter we just floated up with the eater levels! High winds rock you to sleep as well. Pucci would probably love you too - he's great with people. Cheers.

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Aw little man , he looks so sweet :-) xx

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And knows how to milk it!

Penultimate congratulations! I want to do a canalboat holiday someday, but until last week i had never even seen a canal!

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Thank you. We have a canal boat but are actually on permanent moorings on a marina - which is off a river! Not a canal in sight! It does make a lovely holiday though and you'd have the canal towpath to run on. There are plenty of companies offering canal boat holidays so you could look up a few of them.


Wow, Fitmo, I hadn't realised you were so close to 'graduating' ;) Sounds like you had a great run today. Good luck (not that you seem to need 'luck') on your final push :)

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We all need a bit of luck because sometimes runs don't always go according to plan but, overall, it's down to our own efforts how well we do. You'll be fine on the programme.


Hi Fitmo, well done, that sounds great and so nice to have hit the 5k as well. I ran w8r3 today and don't think I am anywhere near the distance yet. That will be my first target on graduation assuming I do graduate. Good luck for your graduation run.

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I must admit, it was a nice run - I didn't think it would be at first because my legs felt tired quite early on. In the finish I actually started to enjoy it and the legs were fine once I'd got into my stride. With regard to distance, as I replied to one comment above, we are assuming the app was accurate - they are not always reliable. Graduation run hopefully on Saturday.


Well done Fitmo, you are always so supportive on this forum, so thanks for that, and best of luck with your final run, you will do it no problem!

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Thank you. I've had a lot of support from this community since I started posting my runs and it's now my turn to support and encourage people who have joined recently. I'll probably become a cheerleader after graduation - you'll get fed up with me!


Brilliant. You have been so supportive to others. A very well deserved Graduation! X

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Thank you. Today was the second run of the week so it's actually Saturday that I hope to complete the final run. I'll post once it's done. I'll also continue to support others as I myself have been supported.


Congratulations Fitmo and good luck with the graduation run

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Thank you. It's scheduled for Saturday.

Wow, well done you!! Can't wait til I get to graduation, and I've only just started! :)

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Thank you. I've seen your posts and put some encouragement on them for you. Graduation will come around soon enough - the weeks start to fly by from about week 3 or 4 onwards. Be patient though - you need to build up to it otherwise you risk injury. I was sorely tempted to try that final run today but it would be stupid to risk my graduation by not taking an essential rest day - patience, patience! Best wishes.


Hey Fitmo! You're within spitting distance now....enjoy your last run on Saturday! Hope the sun shines for you and all good wishes.....

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Supreme confidence - that you would come through for me as you always do. Thank you. I will enjoy the run tomorrow and just hope it won't be too warm. Want it warm enough to wear my lycra though - I feel more like a runner in that and it would be great to have my graduation photo taken in it. Will post as soon as the run is finished.

tomlertoosGraduate in reply to Hidden

Look forward to it!


Congrats and good luck for tomorrow!

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Thank you.

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