Waiting for daylight!

Yesterday I planned to do the week 8 Run 3 but I normally run afternoons. Never thought I'd live to see the day I was up and dressed in running stuff and waiting for daylight. I don't have a head torch and everywhere is so damn muddy anyway. So I decided to walk up to the other end of my village (about 20 mins for a good warm up) with my husband who was off to the gym. Then run back and do the pavements as it was so dark. Started off too fast but slowed down and managed it.

I've woken up with yet more calf problems. Driving me mad now this left leg. I don't feel it at all whilst I run and then it kills after....and I'm doing lots of stretching. Thank goodness for Ibuprofen.

Hope you're all ok this weekend and not getting too stressed out.

Barbara xx


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9 Replies

  • Funny how this running lark gets to you isn't it! Only 3 runs left now woohoo! Sorry your calf is playing up though. Hope it sorts itself out! x

  • Thanks hilbean...hope you're doing well too :) xx

  • Supposed to be doing run 3 of week 8 tomorrow but looks like we'll be babysitting instead :) But like you hope to be graduated by New Year xx

  • Well done for getting out there!I understand from other posts that a foam roller is good for calf problems but have not used one myself. You are nearly there yay!!

  • Thanks pot58. Yes almost a graduate!!! :)

  • Waiting for daylight. Who'd have thought? Great isn't it? A foam roller is great for tightness in the calves. So is a rolling pin! The best stretch I have found is on a step, but you need the step against a door or wall or something you can hang onto and the step should ideally be only a couple of inches ( sorry not metric. You can tell my age!). If you put your foot against the step and push your whole body into the wall/door you can really feel a strong stretch in the calves. For some reason it works much better when you're wearing shoes.

    I found such a step outside my gym and it always looks as if I'm hugging the wall!

  • Thanks IP. I actually do that at my front door....I get very strange looks but don't care. I've got a rolling pin but think I may invest in a foam roller. Thank you :)

  • I have the utmost admiration for all of you who run in the dark or early morning/night. I am strictly a daylight runner!! Hope your calf problems get better soon

  • Thank you jogging along....see I'd never do my normal route in the dark...canal and trail. Too many things too trip over and cold water too!! I actually enjoyed the pavements...the smoothest run I ever had. Might try again :)

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