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I got my "target pace" set on my Runkeeper today, what a marvellous thing! I set it for a pace that I thought was achievable but a bit faster than I normally run - and I smashed it! It really helped, I think that was my fastest run ever! A bit naughty though as I am in the pre-training phase of My Asics 10K plan, but I really couldn't run as slowly as they wanted me to for this week. I'll be interested to see if they adjust my projected times based on today's run...


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16 Replies

  • Well done Curly sounds like a great run - naughty but nice ;-)

  • i done that at the start of mine very naughty enjoy the slow bits you will soon be running faster if your programs like mine and then you will be looking for to your long slow run have you got a tempo run in yours and then a lsr

  • No, no tempo runs in this one, but I can't see the harm if I want to slip in Laura's speed or something. it only gives me 3 runs a week, so I reckon I can do a bit more some weeks. The slow runs were silly, 9 mins 45 per KM? I walk faster than that!

  • Well done Curlygurly that's brilliant. How are you finding the ASICS plan? I looked at that but it came up with a big jump from one week to the next - something like 5-8K which I thought was just ridiculous.

  • Mine starts with two weeks of slow jog, 3.2K at 9.45. Well, I couldn't go that slowly so it has upped my programme a bit. Then I get about 4 weeks of 4.8K at a bit faster with a sneaky 7.2K or two slipped in! I reckon I can manage that with two rest days after, then it's back to the 4.8K. It reckons I should be doing 10k after that..yes, some big jumps but didn't Laura do that? I'll give it a go, if I can't manage it I'll just keep plugging away until I can..good luck if you're going to try it. xx

  • My first week (last week) on the Asics had a 4.9k - 8k jump but actually was ok because the pace is so slow. I popped in quite a few walk breaks for the first 3k and then just jogged slowly for the last 5k. It really wasn't as difficult as I thought, though I did a double-take when I saw 8k on my plan. The distance is down to 4.9k this week but faster times and then seems to increase gradually back up to longer distances.

    Don't be put off by the 8k thing, my recommended pace allowed for the whole thing to be done at my 'brisk walk' pace so it was never going to be a pb, but it wasn't going to be a fail either.

  • Thanks for this Slookie. In the end I've just been doing my own thing and adding half a kilometer each week. But yes it was quite a shock to see the jump!

  • my target pace would Mo farrahs haha i wish

  • Great stuff Curly.. did you find the target pace setting fairly accurate?? Think I might try it our later :-)

  • When I was actually running I think it was a bit slower - by that I mean it said I was near my target time, but when I uploaded the run I was quite a bit faster, all good as I speeded up a bit more!

  • Well done for pushing yourself and for doing even better than planned. I did consider the My Asics thing as well a while ago, but got put off by the inital very slow runs - guess it takes a smart woman to figure out that it's okay to adjust the plan. I take my hat off for you ;)

  • I don't have anything in mind that I'm training for, no race or such like, I just felt I was not really making any progress without a plan to work to. That said, if I don't make the 10K at the end of the programme, I won't worry about it...I just need a bit of a prod!

  • Curly that's a great idea to set a target pace. Will give it a go today.

  • I was amazed at the difference it made, and how much I slow down and speed up during my runs, I thought I was pretty steady..

  • Hi Curly,

    Quick question. Does RK announce your current pace as you are running?

  • I've set mine to talk to me every 5 mins, so I get time, distance, average pace, and now whether I am faster or slower than my target.. you can choose as many or few of these as you like..

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