Got to run

Working and looking after Mrs GF, cooking for the family has left me frazzled. Had to get out so it was pavement pounding. No agenda, no PBs just run. 5.2k in 34 mins. Nearly run over by someone pulling out of their drive. That doesn't happen in the woods. Really pleased with my consistent pace despite the hills and stepping up my cadence uphill at the end to finish with a sprint. (Thank you Laura). Showered and had my food all is right with the world.

Hope you all have great runs ;-)

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  • perfect...thats what its all about. Well done for getting out :)

  • Thanks JuicyJu definitely needed it

  • Woah, I admire your energy!

    I have found running with no agenda the most rewarding.

    Nowaday, I just go out with the dog for a 30 or 40 minutes run, and that is it. No watch. No gizmo. No PB. Just a run or intervals on bad days, and we both love it!

    Good luck.

  • Great way to exercise Fran. My dog also loves a run but I spend a lot of time waiting for him as he chases wildlife

  • So does mine, but he knows the way home!

  • Best type of run! Who'd have thought we could de-stress by going for a run. My only regrets with the program are that I didn't start it 20+ years ago!

  • Definitely. I guess I wasn't ready for the program then but it is a great way to de-stress.

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