Got blisters, can't run?

Ok I bough new shoes yesterday and I wore them in at home. Wrong! I wore them out because well they're new and I love them. So I came home with a whopping fluid filled blister on each reddened heel. After a bit of google's-your-friend, I decided to pop them last night, so swabbed down with disinfectant, disinfected some pointy nail scissors, jabbed a hole at the bottom and pushed the fluid out (are you all enjoying the detail over your sammies?), disinfected again, covered with plasters in a cross. Left overnight. Epsom salt bath this morning and all clear to run, good as gold and completely painless.

Of course you can just leave blisters to heal but not if you're a stubborn runner. Important to keep them clean, obviously disinfect your scissors or needle if you're popping them and don't tear the covering skin off. Best to leave it.


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  • Great tips Bop! Have not had any blister bother yet, but will file this post mentally. Glad I read it after my avocado on toast, mind!

  • I leave them be other than smear of vaseline before next run then a sticking plaster. Epsom salts bath. I don't pop them

  • Yes, it is fine to leave them to heal. Apparently the body can reabsorb the fluid but mine were painful if pressed against last night but completely gone now, skin is fine, no pain at all runnijg this morning. Heels are such a bad place to get them. I expect they would have burst if I had not popped them but would have been less hygienic.

  • Yes, sorry about that! With the fluid drained and the Epsom salt bath, there is nothing but a bit of ragged skin where the bottom of the blisters were. No problem at all to run with them this morning, even without plasters.

  • My mistake was not bursting them so they tore under the blister plaster. One is still a bit dodgy - it will be a week tomorrow since the devil shoes crippled me 😬😬😬

  • New shoes! They always seem so comfortable when you try them on in the shop. Were those devil shoes trainers?

  • I bought them as running shoes - they turned out to be mountain running shoes !! πŸ˜€ I don't like hills never mind mountains - think I was oversold πŸ˜€

  • Yikes mountain running!

  • I know sounds tortuous - trust me when I say the young sales girl must have needed glasses coz I really don't look like I would run up mountains 😳

  • :)

  • Ouch! Glad they are on the mend.

  • Thanks Elly, it was just the day I got them that they were painful. They were gone in the morning, skin was fine after the Epsom salt bath. I do add some almond oil to it, so my skin is always soft afterwards. I didn't have any pain running which surprisedme. I thought the new skin under the blister would be tender but apparently not. The blisters were just painful when they were filled with fluid and pressed against I think. With the fkuid gone, the pain was also gone. Still I know better now and will wear my new shoes in at home, however comfortable they seem. These were actually just leather sneakers so I didn't expect any problems, especially since I'd bought padded leather adhesive strips to attach to the inside of the heels. I'm wondering if they could have caused the problem because the shoes are made of very soft leather - Keds.

  • I never pop but I use Compeed plasters. They are great! I feel no pain and can carry on running even with pesky blisters

  • That's good to know. It would be good to have a couple handy, just in case and catch blisters at the first sign of discomfort. I haven't actually had blisters from running but I think running socks are good at removing moisture. Thanks for the tip.

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