Sad Day: ITBS :(

Today is a sad day because I realised im going to have to say goodbye to running for a little while. I've been following a B210k plan & a couple of weeks ago while out on my first 9k run I developed a pain in the outside of my knee. After a bit of googeling it seemed like I might have something called IT Band (friction) Syndrome. I left it a couple of days, and then a whole week before attempting another (4.5k) run but both times its resulted in more knee pain (as well as what feels like a bit of groin strain today). I'm super sad about this because I had gotten so close to 10k and it was the first time I'd been able to do such distances. I've completed, and stopped C25K before and then always had to go back to the start when taking it up again. I really want to avoid this so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with ITBS? How long did you take off from running and what (if any) exercise did you do during your time on the injury couch to keep fit?


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  • see someone, get referred by your GP...I had something very similar, I had to stop running for 6 weeks but what works now is loads of foam rollering. You are doing so well, get some advice and help/ rest etc but don't give up :)

  • Thanks Jucy, Ah the good old foam roller! I got one, but it's so hard to do! I think I am lacking in the upper body / core strength required to support yourself while you are using it. i get tired after about a minute :(

  • Use the foam roller standing against the wall. Put the foam roller beside the wall and move your hip and leg up and down by bending/squatting at the knee. Plus do a little lying on it supporting yourself on your arm and you'll gradually gain some upper body strength.

    I'd recommend going to see a sports physiotherapist. They'll show you exercises and stretches to do to help the hip muscles that are causing your ITBS and may also do acupuncture on the fascia which may help with the healing process. I had several visits to a physio with my ITBS and although I don't know if her input sped up recovery or not, at least I felt I was doing something.

  • Thanks swanscot, that's a great alternative suggestion for the foam roller. I will give it a go tonight :)

  • My daughter had something like this and I got her referred to a Physio it's been a long process but she is back playing netball albeit with some taping and strapping but it seems exercise is the only way to go but only when supported with lots of exercises and weird foam stuff ;-)

  • I agree with what's already been said. See a physio. Although it can be pricey, my experience is that it's worth the money.

    I had an IT band issue, but it went away "by itself" after a two week break. I think I was very lucky.

  • I've had problems with both my knees - though it was the inside of the knee. The physio diagnosed it as meniscus damage of some sort and gave me exercises to build up my quads etc. So when the other knee played up I just used the exercises I did for the first knee. I also wore a knee brace/support for a while which seemed to help (even if the help was only psychological). I still do a lot of squats and lunges each day

  • I had ITBS in October...pushed too hard in c25k and first grad run finished me off, so couldn't put any weight on my left leg going up and down stairs (not so much pain when running, but was only managing 3-4k max, scraping along in an exhausted fashion). I got a foam roller & used it on the wall, as swanscot recommends, as I haven't got great upper body strength either - I divided the upper leg into sections, to make it easier (roll top bit, then lower bit). I had 10 days off (waited until I could alternate feet on stairs), did some strength exercises too, then went back gently with the Jeff Galloway run/walk/run interval method. I use it all the time now, and as I don't want to return to the injury couch and am up to 7k, with time improving gradually...faster now than I was in October, with no recurrence of the pain/injury/difficulty in fact, no discomfort post-longrun. Also, went to softer trails for a short time when I started combine tarmac & trail.

    I didn't see a doctor, but maybe caught it in time & would have consulted one if it didn't go away. I got new shoes bog standard c25k ones were not giving the right support and I've noticed the difference with my properly fitted, more suitable ones, plus have worked on my posture and technique to try to balance up my legs, as best I can. :D Good luck with your rest.

  • You were lucky to only need ten days off! I had a week off and it came back worse so I think it's gonna be 4-6 weeks for me.

  • Thanks you everyone for all your advice. It seems I'm going to have to take myself off to the doctor! Appointment made for this Friday, and will get a physio referral from there. Until then, lots of foam rollering against the wall, stretches & I bought some glucosamine sulphate so we'll see if that helps. Oh, & a complete rest from all types of cardio exercise, boo!! I WILL be back tho...

  • Good work. My husband has trouble with his IT band and gets free physio via the NHS for it, so you should do ok. :)

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