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Try rock climbing !

Hi folks , a few months back I checked my BMI and was pretty shocked to see that I,m right up there in the obese level.

I have been a big drinker for many years so realizing I needed to do something to lose the weight I have completely stopped drinking for 3 weeks now, along with watching my calorie intake and exercise I have lost 4.7 kg in 19 days.

Like most people I don't Particularly enjoy exercise, especially running but one exercise/sport that I'v started doing is indoor rock climbing. It's brilliant ! I love it.

Most folks are put off by climbing thinking its scary and dangerous but the indoor bouldering type climbing is very safe.

The climbs themselves are only 3 to 4 metres high max and they will all have a massive soft spongy mat floor to drop down onto which will protect you from any falls.

They all are graded starting from very easy beginners to impossible super human !

It really is a great work out and such good FUN !

You will find a climbing club in most big towns, we have 2 in Nottingham and 2 in derby. Check them out in your local area on Google and go give it a try.

One of the climb clubs in Nottingham has its own small gym so I have joined that to get my running and Cardio in on there tredmill and machines.

Why not try something different today.

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It sounds good! They had a climbing wall come to our park and kids were being invited to give it a go. Not only that but grandmas and grandads etc were being encouraged to give it a whirl as well. They were very excited at the rapid descent afterwards. What fun!


If you want to try outside I can recommend starting at Plas y Brenin. It is amazing and they are extremely focused on safety (I'm not in any way connected to Plas y Brenin, btw, just love going there).


My number 2 son is very serious about his bouldering. When my sister last saw him without his t-shirt on, she raised on eyebrow and commented that an Aunty probably shouldn't say it, but he was absolutely ripped!!! And, indeed, for an ageing mother to accompany her boys to the climbing wall, it's no hardship! ;)


Sounds like good fun. Maybe I will give it a go. Thanks for the recommendation.


It's a great sport. I must say though that the mats don't completely remove any risk of injury so don't be fooled into thinking it's a completely 100% safe sport because it's not.


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