Feeling rough

So as you know I'm nursing an injured knee and really missing my running. I've been out walking which was nice. I decided to walk to the park where I usually run. When I got there hundreds of runners were running around the park dressed as Santa... Talk about a smack in the face eh? Could of cried. To top it all I've got a bug and feel like rubbish.


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12 Replies

  • aaaw Nicky :( dont be to down hearted , you need time to recover and you are out walking,it would be easy to stay at home on the couch but you havent so hats off and well done ,really hope you are back running soon when you recovered :D

  • I'm trying Rob xx

  • Sorry you're feeling rough Nicky but good on you for getting out for a walk, even if the timing was bad! Look after that knee :) x

  • Just look on the positive side Nicky. You are out and about, you are exercising both you and your knee and you know it won't be too long until you are back in the game. Be patient and I hope you'll get over your bug soon.

  • Thanks unfit dad ,

  • It's a really rubbish time of year to feel down - I guess what you saw was hundreds of people dressed as Santa enjoying themselves - some may even have been raising money for charity, and they were all running which is something you are not able to do at present - but the point is that you will get over the bug and the knee injury and soon be running again and should be looking forward to that... after all there are some people in wheelchairs who will never be able to run and will probably be filled with envy as you run past them... so chin up - you'll be back running soon and if you don't make it as a Santa this year you'll be able to dress up as an Easter Bunny in a few months :)

  • Ha thanks runon that made me smile x

  • :) Tee Hee

  • I'm not running either right now cos of a swollen ankle so can relate to that. It's the second injury time-out I've had in the year since I started. We have to believe the probs are going to go away don't we, this running lark is feeling more like a test of faith than anything else!

  • Yep it sucks more mindless. We just got to stay positive. Hope your ankles is better really soon x

  • Thanks Nicky! I'm going to try not to charge back in - even tho I want to...take care yourself.

  • Look, the bug makes you feel rubbish. No need to be ashamed of not being able to run at the moment. Your body says, ease a bit. That's normal and good. let your knee be mended. since you can walk, do it! it will help mending your knee by building the muscles gently. Moreover, it also build the neuronal pathway that puts you into the good habit too. so take it easy for now,; I am proud of your walks, they'll do you a lot of good.

    I gargle my thoat with salted, tepid water and sniff some up my nose to get rid of the mucus and disinfect the mouth.

    Good luck and best wishes with your mending and a good Christmas too! Mic

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