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almost finishedc25K..what next?

I've almost graduated and like to have objectives in my running...I'm considering such ideas as running for 30 mins three times a week and perhaps doing park runs with the aim of 1) completing a five k park run 2) running all the way in a park run, and finally 3) running a park race in the region of 30 mins. What sort of aims do other prospective graduates have?

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I am not sure I want to do massively more than 5k though of course that might change, though I am determined to run that 5k because sure as anything the 30 minutes run is not going to do that. Three times a week seems manageable. I enjoy having a mandatory day off. I am also thinking about park runs but the nearest one is quite some distance I might well go in for a for a Run for Life event but I want to run a solid 5k before I do, I am also wondering about trying the zombie podcasts. They sound quite fun and might keep me motivated - has anybody else tried them? Finally I must master the art of getting my own play list because if I am going to keep this up I will need some music I actually like,


Zombie podcasts? What are they? Do you imagine you're being chased by zombies or am I way off?!


That's the idea but I haven't tried it so I don't know exactly how it works. I think you hear zombie sounds and are told they are coming after you.You can combine it with your own playlist. If you google zombie run game you will find it. I was hoping someone here might have already given it a go.


Not sure if that's a good idea or not... If you let your imagination get the better of you, you could be in trouble. I once passed someone on a woodland track who wasn't really dressed for being there and was swinging a large stick.... I got it into my head he was going to cudgel me as I ran past and even although Laura was telling me to stop, I kept on running...and sprint speed! Only a few weeks in to the programme but most intense running I've done! So not sure about the zombies but I am off to google it!! Would love to hear if someone else has used it...


I've got just 3 more runs to do before graduation and will go on to Stepping Stones, Speed and Stamina probably. I'm signed up for a R4L in June and would, ideally, like to run it all but am currently planning to do walk/jog intervals. I'll be pursuing the 5K in 30 minutes over a period of time but am in no particular hurry - will just enjoy the fact that I am able to run. I'll also be exploring Parkruns as there is one not too far from home. I might, eventually, be looking to manage 6K but only to the point that the 5K would then be a comfortable distance for me. Other than that, at the moment, will be keeping in touch with this site and cheering on some of the people in earlier weeks and newbies.


Don't forget that if you do Parkrun - or any other affiliated races - you can run for team NHS Couch25k. Parkrun results get posted here each month

I just entered a race as a Club NHS Couch25k runner and you get a club runner discount. Good ey! Plus this brilliant programme reaches an even wider audience

Good luck with your running!

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thanks for all your responses. I must admit I am intriged by the zombie running but might not fit in with my idea about running to relax and destress! I've thought about my route and how I could extend it to 5K and have looked in to parkrun in my area and have found three close by. Just finished my third week 9 run and am over the moon! Good to know that you can sign up as NHS couch 25K as I've seen several runs that cost less for club runners!

I have my plan and am looking forward to progressing my running! Thanks once again!


Just had a look at that zombie run and it sounds like fun ;) I'll wait until I've completed my c25k first though ;) Here's a link for anyone interested (if the link works)


I found it hard after graduation I have to admit. For me the best thing about the programme is that every run is an achievment that makes you feel you are one step closer to your goal (graduation).

So I had to find a way to replicate that feeling post-grad. I have 2 goals for this year: run 5k in less than 30m and run 10k.

I run three times a week, one 'speed' one 5k and one longer run. I don't always manage 3 runs a week but always 2. I have a love/hate relationship with 'speed' its really hard for me but it does work- without the structure of the podcast I think I'd struggle to make myself run faster for specific periods of time.

But all in all its working. My last 5k was 30:38 and my longest run to date is 8k.

I would have died of shock if you'd told me i'd be saying that a year ago!

Best of luck with your runs - and keep posting on here. Everytime i feel close to chucking it all in this forum helps me back out!


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