Doctor really upset me

So, I've hurt my knee. Last Saturday I did my usual 30 mins and afterwards I was very silly and put my foot upon a fence and stretched. Soon as I got home the pain above my knee and in my knee started. I definetly think I did it through stretching and not the running. So I went to docs today and he told me to find another sport. He said running is not good for the joints. I couldn't beliave it. I came home so upset and my husband said Nicky, rest that knee till it's all better and get back out there. People get knee pain and recover right? They don't stop running?


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24 Replies

  • Some GP's like running some don't.

    I think most will see the positives of running outweigh the negatives. He may have no real idea about what it does to the knees and is just trotting out a cliche like a layman would.

    I agree with your husband. Rest up, get it right and you'll be running again in no time. Get some Ibufren or Neurofen which you take only when your muscles are at REST. You can do Rest Ice Compression, Elevation (RICE) I quite like the Ibufren gel but you can't use the gel and the tablets, one or the other.

  • I'm not the only one on this forum who has found running to improve knee pain, I had an accident 30 years ago that had always twinged, that's gone now..MW is right, your doc is trotting out an old cliche, silly doc! Did he recommend anything? If you think about it lots of sports are worse for the knees, tennis for instance with all that twisting etc...maybe if you're thinking of really long distance, like 6 marathons a year, your knees might suffer, but not the kind of distances we do here. Rest up until you feel you can run again, of course take it gently until you know you're better.

    Have a look and see if you can find Aussies story on here, he did something awful to his leg, but is now running again, distances I couldn't even imagine! I got shin splints in week 2, terrible pain, I could hardly walk, but started again after a couple of weeks off.

    Good luck xx

  • Hi ladies thanks for your replies. He suggested swimming or cycling. I to,d him I started running because I heard it helps depression. Running is helping me and sooo enjoy it. I could tell by his face he didn't agree. It just really threw me. I will do all I can to get it better but I'm not giving up running!!!

  • Don't give up ! I was at my doctors after getting a minor injury ( can't remember what ) I've had that many ,when he asked how long I'd been running I told him and just casually added ,but it's not been without incident ,think I'm not cut out for it , he told me in no uncertain terms to carry on it does you good and all the benefits from running outweigh all the minor injuries ! So there

  • Most docs do their best but they just can't help coming out with unhelpful things sometimes! I'm sure we could all tell you some stories! However, I'm sure that commonsense should prevail here. My husband (he's a doc) always says that commonest things are commonest, so you've probably done what you thought and just pulled something.

    MissW and Curlygurly are wise and sensible and misswobble's advice is good. Rest it, treat it kindly, restart gradually and see how it goes. Don't go mad with the stretching and force anything! I've found that my knees had sarted to creak and do strange things since about 2009, but since starting to run regularly that has all disappeared. Ssssshhhhhh! I'm touching wood here!

  • Firstly, sorry to hear about your knee pain. Secondly, to hear that your doctor wasn't very positive about running! I did something to my knee and will get better (if not please go back to the doctor), but in the meantime Miss W wise words will see you through and you will be back to in no time. i think that i have very weak knees and if i don't do my strength exercises they just go. Heck its not going to put me off - yes there are negatives to running but there are dangers to everything - lets look at the doctors recommendations - cycling (which i love and try to do once a week) dangers - falling off and breaking bones, getting hit by a car - of course these dangers are narrowed some what if you use a gym. Swimming - well i was member of a gym (i thought very expensive) i got some horrid foot thing from the pool or the wet changing rooms. There are dangers just getting out of bed!!!

    Having said that if you enjoy it and are not doing more damage by running, i would say keep going! Its does help with that dark cloud and for that reason alone your doctor should be overjoyed that your running. So listen to your husband, rest that knee and you will be back at it in no time!


  • I'm sure depression is infinitely more crippling than knee pain and your doc sounds like a dafty! (Silly/unhelpful man) you know what your body needs and what's best for you and I think from your posts that's running so rest up and get out there with a smile still on your face :-)

  • Sorry to hear about your knee.

    I would go and see a different Dr if you need to again. Someone you feel comfortable with who will try and understand your full picture eg running being not the best for joints but helping your depression.

    Take it easy when you're getting back into running. Maybe some heat rub might help as well as the other excellent advice already given? :-)

  • Thankyou everyone so much. You have made me feel much better. I've been on a downer all day after what he said. I will take all your advice.. Thankyou x

  • I hate to say it but I think your doc is outdated. I read somewhere in the last year they did a long term study of runners vs non runners and there was no difference in knee damage as they aged. Running does not cause arthritis etc. I echo MW, rest, ice and when it's healed get back out there! :)

  • Just a thought, Nicky.....! Are you able to walk on your knee at the moment? (No, I don't mean crawl, I mean is your knee too painful to walk with?!!) If not, or when it's comfy enough but not yet strong enough for running on, can you keep the blues at bay by getting out for a shortish but brisk walk each day?

  • Hi flossie yes I can walk on it fine, coming down the stairs is a bit painful. My husband suggested the same thing as you so I'm going to walk this weekend. The prospect of staying in around the house scares the bejesus out of me, terrified I get low x

  • Then out the door you must go!! Come rain or shine, get wrapped up and get out there and breathe in the fresh air and take notice of what's around you. Really hope all goes well!

    As ever, a really useful post from IannodaTruffe below!!

  • Nicky, despite being drawn to the idea of running for many years, I decided I could never do it because of the knee problems I suffered. I had even asked whether I could be put on the knee replacement list because I had got to the stage that it was too painful to go for a walk with the family. My doctor did exactly the right thing (although I was not impressed at the time) and told me to come back when I couldn't walk any more (great, I thought I am self employed in a trade that means I am on my feet all day). I did some research and started taking glucosamine sulphate and fish oil tablets. A few years later, when I did start running, I ran off road (still do mostly) to reduce the shock to my knees, which are now stronger than ever and very rarely give me any cause for concern.

    When you get an injury, treat your body with respect, give yourself time to recover but don't feel you have to give up. That is a blinkered view that ignores all the wonderful benefits that running can give to you, both mentally and physically. I somehow think you won't be giving up. Good luck.

  • You know , my mum takes glucosamine. She is 89 and swears by it. She reckons she would be able to do half the things she does now. When you say fish oil do you mean omega 3.? I'm taking mirtazapine which is an antidepressent so I may have to check if I can take these first but if I can I will, thank you for the advice

  • The capsules I am taking at present are Boots, Joint Health, Cod liver oil and 500mg Glucosamine sulphate, with vitamin C. There is very little conclusive scientific evidence that glucosamine actually works, but with my recovery coinciding with my taking glucosamine, I would be very hesitant about stopping them now. I don't like taking pills and I have never seen any conclusive evidence that it is dangerous for me to take, so am quite happy accepting it works for me, even if is a placebo effect.

  • What kind of a person says baldly to someone who is trying to do something positive to deal with their depression and who, what's more, is finding it works "You just mustn't do that any more"? There's running and there's running. I have little doubt there are gung-ho folks who do their knees no favours with their particular approach to running.... but there are also overweight people who don't run who need replacements and lots of other sportspeople

    Like IannodaTruffe, I avoid road running. I really feel the difference when I run on hard surfaces eg trails so try not to do it too many times in succession (it is the bogs for me next time out...) but I feel that if that is what is open to you, better that than nothing. I find swimming a lot more painful than running - all sorts of clunks, clicks and grinds going on, including my knees, though it is improving a bit. Plus you have to pay to go swimming unless he is recommending the local river?

    FWIW I avoid doing any stretches around my run - too long to go into why and perhaps not very generalisable. Those 5 minute start and finish walks are good... and I do my stretches at another point in the day.

  • There's at least one GP who regularly runs in out local Parkrun.

    I've been plagued by knee pains for quite a while - the first knee I got physio for and they reckoned it was an injured cartilage/meniscus and just gave me exercises - then second 'good' knee wanted to play up so I just did a lot of squats and other upper leg strengthening exercises - wore a knee support for a while and am now running with only the odd grumble from the pair )of knees)!

  • I've got a lot of respect for Doctors - when it comes to medicine they know more than me - if only they were able to put all that knowledge into practise - but in truth they are fighting a losing battle - besides having to pander to the whims of political parties intent on making their lives more difficult, growing contradictory research which says what was good for you yesterday is bad for you today and having to spend 5 of their 10 allocated minutes with each patient ticking irrelevant boxes on their computers which run a programme the government spent hundreds of millions implementing and doesn't work - in spite of all this they are obliged to try and fix you and most tend to do the same thing - take the path of least resistance... So you took up running and now your knee hurts - so stop running - take up fishing, tiddlywinks whatever... and the next please. So don't make it so easy for them - see another doctor, tell them you're doing c25k as recommended by the NHS, experts, doctors even and that you intend to keep running and what are they going to do to ensure you can continue to do this - because the mental pros far outweigh the physical cons if they really are cons...

    I bet it is just a simple strain and lets be honest - this is not neuroscience - listen to your body and as soon as you feel able get walking then running. And if this is the same doctor who put you on anti-depressants, it might be worth getting a second opinion on that too - because when you continue running there will possibly come a point where you may be able to live without them and this is what your G.P. should be encouraging. Keep smiling - you look so brilliantly happy in your avatar and that is the look you need to keep :)

  • Loads of great input below. I know everyone has different knee problems and injuries but Just thought I'd add that my hubby was a sports gladiator in the sense he played most sports ( ran, football, cricket, squash, tennis, golf, etc etc). In his later years he has had knee problems and just recently had a knee operation. What caused his knee problems, out of all the sports he played, was cricket! All the surgeons/ consultants he saw over the years all said that running did not cause the problems. It was the sudden jerking movement of cricket that did the damage.

    I would agree with the others and get a second opinion and maybe see a sports Physio who can give you exercises to strengthen the knees.

    Don't take no for an answer!

    Good luck.

  • Some great advice on here - be kind to yourself, listen to your body and learn some simple strengthening exercises for knees, feet and ankles. I hurt my ankle earlier this year after graduating and the Minor Injuries nurse told me that I was too old to run (47, the cheek of it!). I ignored this, got myself treated by a sports physio and haven't looked back! Being outside running, walking, cycling makes me feel better and I don't want to stop! Good luck with the recovery and let us know how you get on xx

  • Thanks everyone. I just wanted to ask about physio... Do I ask the doctor to refer me for this on the nhs?

  • Hey , sorry to hear about your Knee , rest and recover and you will soon be back running :)

    I dont know whta it is with doc's mines a right w***er ,moans at me for years ot stop smoking, which i did over 10 months ago now and started running which i Bliddy luv :D spoke to him on the phone the other week ,know what he said, he didnt say great well done etc ,he said oh you have stopped before ! meaning you will start again ... Hmm well i'll show him :D and you will do the same with your doc :D stick with it :D

  • Thanks rob x

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