Darned old knee! (Whining)

About a month ago, after doing my longest run so far of 4.6 miles (practicing for a race) a few days later my knee started to have pain. It hurt with walking, going down steps and running. Over the next couple of weeks I only ran 3 or 4 times leaving a lot of rest days in between the runs and tried it again 2 days before my first race- after a bit more than a mile it was clear that I had better stop and I limped home. Needless to say, I couldn't run in the race:( Now after 2 weeks it isn't bothering me anymore. Last week I did go and see an orthopedic guy and he wasn't sure what was wrong. He did warn me that anyone who takes up running over the age of 50 is asking for trouble and I just turned 60. >_<

He said I should start with riding the bike at the gym, blah, blah,blah.......... Anyway I am about to go on my treadmill and do a little running! I had been doing only outside runs. I so badly want to continue with it!!!


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5 Replies

  • Oh sorry to hear about your knee , hope you can keep running & also hope this guy is wrong about the over fifties starting running ! . I'm 55 & just completed the programme , I did my longest run sun . 4.5 k & got swollen right knee now . No pain . I'd hate to have to pack in now as I really enjoy it . Wishing you all the best .

  • I have also been struggling along with a knee problem for the last month. I ran injury free for 6 months, then got over confident and started to run 10k 3 times a week without much of a warm up. Needless to say I suffered for it. I'm now running on a treadmill after a 5 minute cycle and a 5 minute warm up walk. But on the plus side I can still manage a 10 k. I'm 48, and loads of things I've read say that starting to run a little later in life has huge health benefits so keep going!

  • Ooh glad you posted that . I'm hearing all sorts , my mates , people I work with , saying u will do your knees & ankles in etc , "at your age" I'm enjoying it ,& my doctor didn't seem concerned .

  • Thanks Tready for your response. Glad you are now back to running! 10k is a lot!! I ran a little bit on the treadmill yesterday and it didn't bother me-yay! I am going to continue to try and get back to it- I worked too hard getting through the program to just let it go! I like the new muscles I was starting to see in my legs:)

  • I didn't do Couch til I was 56 years old and I did get an initial problem with my knees, I thought they looked swollen but they weren't painful. I kept running and following Laura's instructions to the letter, as I didn't have a clue about running. I think it was a good thing as it meant I wasn't doing too much so I couldn't hurt myself. I think it would be easy to try and do too much too soon, as you can get caught up in the elation of it all and won't to go further and faster. I'll settle for just getting round. LOL. Good luck with your knees and I hope they get better quickly

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