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Pavement Pounding

Work, Work, Work. Read some posts - that sounds like fun let's go pound the pavements. I blame you lot. Oh no it's dark, it's cold, it's wet and my armband has broken - Doh!. that's it over then.

Was it over when the germans bombed pearl harbour? (Leave him he's on a roll)

Bum bag - check

New running jacket - check

Phone in bum bag - check

garmin on - off we go.

Running with a headtorch is a bit odd. Car's headlights are more effective so I took it easy for a bit.

Mile one - 10:23 - hmm quicker than I thought

Mile two - 9:04 - wow that is quick for me

I could get under 30 mins here

Mile 3 - 9:46 stupid traffic lights

Still think I was there or thereabouts. 6.38k in 40:28 I'll take it.

VO2 increased by 1 to 41 - whoop whoop

Looking forward to the virtual 10k on Sunday.

Happy Running all


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I'd take that too, fantastic! What the heck is vo2??? Sorry I always seem to ask you lots of questions...


Good stuff GF , you smashed it !

Yes what is a VO2 ? :-) xxx


Ha ha Poppypug, not just me then;)


see below ;-)


Thanks MarlyParly. No problem VO2 Max is maximal aerobic capacity or maximal oxygen uptake it reflects your fitness level. It is widely accepted as the single best measure of cardiovascular fitness. Elite male runners can consume up to 85 mL/(kg·min), and female elite runners can consume about 77 mL/(kg·min) so I have some way to go yet but not bad for a 52 year old ;-)

My Garmin measures it and I think when I first had it I was about 38 hence I'm happy with the increase


How on Earth does a Garmin measure that?


VO2 Max Estimator provides the maximum capacity your body takes to transport and utilize oxygen during an exercise. It helps with athletic performance, which should increase as your level of fitness improves.

VO2 Max Estimator requires the use of a Heart Rate Monitor and will be calculated after the first 10 minutes of your run. It is measured in milliliters.

The FirstBeat Technologies algorithm takes into in account the following variables and inserts them into an algorithm:

Heart Rate Variability + Heart Rate (HR) + Speed + Distance

In order to generate a VO2 max estimate, you must run for a minimum of 10 minutes. Walking in most cases will not provide you with a VO2 Max estimate.

Please note: The number represented is an estimate. The VO2 max number can vary between runs and can seem somewhat erratic or inaccurate at first. The Forerunner requires a few runs to learn your performance.



It uses this to give a race prediction time which some people have found pretty accurate. My current oredictions 5k = 25:19 and 10k = 52:33 so I may try for a good time on Sunday's virtual 10k race but that prediction is 10 mins quicker than I have previously run ;-0


Yes, that's exactly what I thought ! I could've wrote that myself ! :-D

Cant begin to understand it GF, but if yours has improved , more power to your elbow, whatever flops yer mop . Good on ya ! :-) xxx


I like stats ;-)


Nice times GF. Virtual 10K??


On Facebook there is a BeyondC25K group and someone has set up a Virtual 10k race for Sunday at 10am UK time. You run wherever you want but at the same start time and then can compare times to find a winner. Just a bit of fun really (10k = fun when did I change? oh I remember when Laura said you're a runner now mwah ha ha)


Yeah it's all that Laura's fault. She has a lot to answer for.

Sounds fab. I'm not quite ready to do a 10K but soon. Good luck GF. Such fun!


Thanks IP you'll get there soon. My last one was a bit of run walk run but still effective


Thanks. Garmin spike said I ran at 27kmh for about 2 secs ;-)



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Your post made me laugh when I read it on face book, also made me feel a bit guilty as I didn't get my run in today. Was going to go after work but didn't finish till 8.15 so decided not to.


Just promise to go tomorrow Jo55. The trouble with running is sometimes work gets in the way


Vo2! I thought it was an orange drink!

Well done GF! I am running 5 k park run on Saturday and a 9.70 k on Sunday. It's all go int it. I was out tonight anorl, oh and last night as well. It's getting reg'lar!


Fantastic well done MW you'll be top of the leaderboard then ;-)


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