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Pavement attack!

So there I was, out on a tempo run and on course to do just over 2 miles in 20 mins when the pavement rose up and bit me. (A combination of not entirely even surface and being in a spot between two street lights probably didn't help.)

I was frankly lucky to get away with a badly skinned knee (two places) and a very bruised heel of left hand (ow! can't move my thumb very well!) given the pace I was moving at. I did manage to stumble a bit and take some momentum out of the equation but ow! Still ran a little way further until I was within five minute's walk of home for my cool down, mind. I just don't know when to stop, it seems.

So now I need a new pair of running capris, a better sense of balance and a new strategy for running at night. I think I'll run down the middle of the road in the back streets as they are very, very quiet. Or maybe just run down the high street where the pavements are a bit more even and well lit. I cannot bring myself to strap a light to my head, however good an idea it might be!

Thankfully it's all settling down today and I should be able to go out 10k training on Saturday morning. Does anybody else have a tale of nighttime-running woe they'd like to share? Come on, people, let's feel your pain!

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Poor you!

I don't need the night to have woes!

I have only just back to C25K after a non running related badly twisted ankle, when I went flying on the track whilst jogging the other night. Bruised ego, very badly grazed knees, grazed hand, twisted other ankle, torn running tights and Nike + telling me workout out paused (paused! I'm sat on my rear!!)

I'm not safe to let out.

Hope you're feeling better


Woes? Even in full daylight! and even when not running... Not long ago during the cool down walk on a forest path, I felt my ankle going - and being a recidivist ankle 'sprainer' ​(if such a word exist) I am in the habit of letting myself fall over... it's the only way to save the ankle from being useless for days, but finding myself looking up at the trees from a lying position wasn't that fun. ​When I looked at what caused it, it was a small root stump, no more than 2 inches big.... and I had tun for about 40 minutes watching carefully every step!


No accidents to report (yet) but I do run in the road as the pavements are so slopey and bumpy in my village. I only run in daylight, but I guess with super reflective gear (and I think a light on your back would be a good idea, even if it is a fashion faux pas!) if it's a quiet residential road and you don't run with your headphones in you should be ok in the road under the streetlights - you can always dive to the pavement if necessary. I always run on the right of the road so I am facing oncoming traffic this is only dodgy if there are cars parked on the other side which means that cars coming up behind me will be on my side, but with one or no headphones in I can hear them and get out of the way. It's not ideal, but it's an option.


Oh yes, I tried running my usual route of 18 months in total darkness. It was fine. By the moonlight I managed to find my way around the park without falling in the lake. However, when I headed out onto the cycle way (not lit) to come home I was dazzled by an oncoming car (why don't they dip their headlights?). Then out of nowhere, there was someone right in front of me, like 1m away. I didn't see them or hear them coming. Fair jumped out of my skin. (I think they heard me coming, or thought 'that's odd I can hear a steam train').


Argh! There's a couple of really dark spots on my route too, but I've been more concerned about stepping into dog mess than anything else so far!

Your fall reminds me of a fall I had a few years ago... that was cos of running in the dark too (only difference is, it was on the way home from the pub! ;) ) I remember the pain of grazing both palms of my hands at the base of my thumbs, leaving me practically helpless! So I'm happy you didn't graze your hand.

Hope you recover soon and take care in those dark patches!


Oh no? Can't possibly be seen dead in a headlight. That might look too wierd! Judging by the headgear in your photo, you're not so averse to wierd headgear! LOL

Only kiddin Hose! Sorry to hear about your tumble! It comes to us all. We've all done it. The ground just isn't there when you put your foot down. I blame subsidence from ruddy trees. Most street lights are those dim low sodium jobs that light up diddly squat.

So, new capris ey. Sales are on! Nuff said


Glad nothing was broken! Eat more carrots I say!


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