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Started Week 7

It felt very hard this morning but managed to keep going so was a happy runner at the end :)

Think it was my own fault. I've been off work this week so have done some exercise everyday whereas on long working days I usually end up having to take the odd complete rest day!

Hope everyone is feeling fit & getting ready for festive season. I went shopping yesterday & people are insane :D

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Good job! Always finish what you started. Have a little rest if you need it and then press on

Thankfully folks seem reasonable in their shopping behaviour in my neck of the woods. Mind you the big scrummage has yet to come I suppose. Fast forward to Christmas eve at 8.00 am

I have stopped buying a big Christmas shop. I stopped it several years ago. The shops are open again on Boxing Day.


Luckily I'm at my parents so they have to do the dreaded grocery shopping! I agree people (including my Mum) go mad despite the fact the shops are only really closed for a day. We all survived before supermarkets opened on Sundays :)


Some runs are harder than others but you finished it and that's the main thing so well done. I hate shopping at Christmas and try to get mine done well in advance. Well, I've got to find time for my runs don't I?


Well done on keeping going and maybe reward yourself with a day off tomorrow ;)

Almost done all our prezzie shopping and having Christmas dinner cooked for us this year so not much more to do other than brave the Post Office! I hate shopping when it gets busy so early is good for me :P


Well done on getting on and doing it.Work gets in the way too often!!!!


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