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Week 7 started!


So first run of week 7 today. We got rained on at first, which just made me think "when did I become one if those mad joggers?" We kept it v-e-r-y slow and steady and plodded round the field. Got overtaken a couple of times (but who cares!), passed a few cute doggies, and in the last 5 mins nearly got run over by the local cycle club coming up the track! But... In the last min we managed to speed up a bit! And actually when I got home I found we'd slowly got faster in each of the 3 and a bit k's we did. This was the first time I just logged the run not the whole thing( whilst we had splits I figured I'd track the while excercise but now interested in stats for run). Plan worked great at start - had start delay for 5 mins for warm up. When we stopped running though, I forgot at first to stop the thing, was too excited!

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Well done! Sounds fab. I'm one run behind you, and I too made the decision from now to track primarily the run, rather than the whole thing. In one way it was a bit depressing, because it obviously looked a lot shorter (even though I knew why!), but on the other hand, it's a baseline to start from.

Thanks for your blog. I am on week 5 and currently track the warm up as well but wondered whether I was meant to. It's good to know that others did too to begin with. Good luck sounds like you are doing great. Jen

I thought it was too complicated to try and track all the splits when I was doing intervals, but from W6R3 it's all long runs with no walking breaks, so I decided then to start differentiating between the warm up/cool down walks and the run.


This is exactly the same thing I have been doing since Week 6 Run 3. I will be begin running Week 8 on Saturday and including only the running helps to review your progress better. Also the average speed looks a lot better too!


Hadn't considered the problem of recording the warm up. My circuit is precisely 5k. Maybe I will ultimately have to add a bit for the warm up...

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