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Keep on keeping on! Success is sweet!


After starting couch25k in March and graduating in April today I completed my first ever 5k run, and in under 45 minutes!

I’m so happy and can’t believe I did it! I started trying to get my health in order in January and by February I had stopped smoking and joined the gym.

After my one month review the gym immediately closed as lockdown began! I’d lost 2 stone and felt a panic set in.

Luckily I took up couch25k and managed to complete it! I paired this with daily yoga which helps with my muscles and breathing as well!

Don’t let anything beat you! I have since lost another 2 stone but still have 4 stone to lose, so really this programme is for anyone!

Ok, enough excited exclamation marks! Here is a picture of my happy, post 5k red face!

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Wow, inspiring story. Congratulations on your lifestyle changes and the 5k run.

Keep at it 👍


Wonderful! Well done you 🌈🥳🏃🏻‍♀️


Congratulations on your 1st 5k and good time also. Also got to say congratulations on your weight loss and quitting smoking you definitely look happy in your pic.

Wow! That’s brilliant...loving the happy smiley face 😀...well done!


Pink and smug.........the signs of a runner.


ThinkweightlastGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks! I’ll add those adjectives to my tinder profile 😂

Running makes you happy, but being in charge of what's happening to you makes you feel happier too - and it sounds like you're squarely in the driving seat! Well done you - you have my admiration. :-)

Congratulations! This is awesome... I hope one day I can do it :)

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