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W1D1 done w. Boyfriend!

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Well, it's been on my mind for a while, weight has crept on and today was the day I did something about it. My boyfriend and I downloaded couch to 5k app. I'm now collapsed on the couch, but feeling good. My boyfriend found it much easier than me as he does cardio at gym and walks more in his job. Am feeling embarrassed at how out of shape I've gotten. But hoping I can get to the end of the programme and feel healthier.

Any tips gratefully appreciated.

Have really enjoyed reading other newbies posts - thanks all in this supportive forum.

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Well done! I'm a newbie too! I'm doing my 3rd run of Wk1 tomorrow. Was knackered for the first run and ached like mad for two days but the second run was much easier. You'll be fine. Just take it nice and slow that's my advice 🙌🙌🙌

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lostgirl76 in reply to runtastic

Thank you - no choice but to go slow as physically cannot go fast! Boyf says he will run ahead of me - that is fine with me. Tx for support

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to runtastic

Great advice... go you!

Congratulations for making it out of the door and committing to a new you! Once the tiredness goes, it will be replaced by pride at what you have started and so you should. I have just begun W2 which went better than expected. You can do this x

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lostgirl76 in reply to lizzieley

Thank you Lizzie. W2 feels a long way away! Off to yoga now which have been doing regularly for years. But feel I need extra cardio which C25K hopefully will give me. Tx for support

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Well done for taking the plunge!!! Hardest bit done! First run ✅

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lostgirl76 in reply to Polly2810

Thank you Polly. Knowing myself as I do am worried my motivation will flag in a few weeks - hoping the forum will help with that 😀

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Polly2810Graduate in reply to lostgirl76

It will!! So many great people on here..always someone that has really good advice to give I would not have got to wk6 without them all!!

You've made a brilliant start. Take it sloooow and steady and let the boyf run off- otherwise there is a danger you will become despondent boys do tend to run faster than girls :( . Or, you could run together but separately if you see what I mean- you run the same runs but at slightly different times and then compare notes. You only need to compete against yourself.

Lots of people on here support their running with yoga and being stretchy and strong will really help.

This is a brilliant programme btw. It will take you step by step from running zero to being a 30 minute hero :) Each week is a challenge but absolutely achievable. 5 months ago I was like you (but I suspect, a LOT older :) ), Saturday, I ran 10k

This forum has helped me enormously, which is why I drop by and offer my pennyworth to newbies. So keep on posting- I am sure that can make the difference.

oh nearly forgot- Have Fun :)

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Yay congratulations on joining the program.... well done for completing W1/R1 don't forget rest days and to keep posting.... lots of support and excellent advice on the forum.... it's kept me motivated to keep going x good luck and happy running x

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Welcome to this great programme! Well done you... and boyfriend:)

Tips.. well, follow the programme carefully...take your rest days and listen to your body...( which may grumble a bit) :) Above all, slow and steady is the way..this is your run at your own pace... don't be tempted to push too hard :)

Just follow it through... and link it with a great healthy eating regime and you will feel the benefits both mentally and physically... and, keep posting.. the support and the encouragement on this forum is truly phenomenal!

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My tip. Let him run at his pace and you at yours If you have your headphones in you can't hear him. Listen to jo Wiley or Michael 🙂

Have fun 🏃‍♀️👍

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Jancanrun in reply to misswobble

Oh and if you choose Michael, you become a member of the Mr Smooth fan club. Us smoothies love him to bits, but we do need to share him. This imho is the best running club in the world. Anything you want or need to know these lovely folk will help, support and cheer for you when you pass your milestones. Happy running

Thanks everyone. I am definitely Michael Jordan - who else? Boyf had picked Sarah Millican but made him change it 😀 We are all set to do stretch and tone tomorrow. Will also try to get yoga in evening. Feeling positive

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Jancanrun in reply to lostgirl76

Well done smoothie and Boyf! You know it makes sense, choosing Mr Smooth! Hope the stretch and yoga keep you happy for your next run out.

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