Worried about my calf

I've mentioned this elsethread but thought I would ask for advice. I have been experiencing pain in my left calf which I have just put down to unaccustomed work - it has eased with stretching and been fine by my next run. I have not started a run in pain at any point. I run very slowly and yesterday did 5K in 40 minutes.

However, yesterday I did the usual stretches and it has not eased and has become swollen - my left calf is 2 cms fatter than my right calf. It is tight and uncomfortable.

If anyone has any thoughts, comments or advice I'd be really grateful.


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15 Replies

  • Pain in the calf, as well as swelling, tenderness and muscle tightness, resulting from sudden overloading of the muscles during speedwork, hill running or running on uneven trails. Treat with ice and anti-inflammatories. ... Stretch your calf five to 10 times a day.


  • Thank you Dave. That looks like a useful article. Love the idea of me doing speedwork - in my dreams, perhaps.

  • 2cm fatter is significant. I would have it looked at. Do you have any risk factors for DVT (deep vein thrombosis)? Even if it is muscular, a 2cm swelling is a lot.

  • No risk factors at all as far as I know. Thanks for the heads up on that.

  • It can happen with a torn calf muscle, is there any bruising... often with a mild tear, there is faint bruising... my Sports Physiotherapist was very thorough and explained all the symptoms to me.

  • No visible bruising. I'll try to see GP tomorrow to clear DVT worries then consider physio.

    Thank you for the link and advice.

  • Ah, correction to that - there is quite a large bruise on the front - the shin area - just noticed it in better light. But the pain is at the back and the swelling at the side (inside front of the shin area, IYSWIM).

    Looks like a trip to the GP tomorrow.

  • I did not notice my bruising.. my husband did though... you may be better seeing a Sports Physio.. ? Have you a walk-in Physio any where near you?

    I had two lots of treatment... because my tear had happened three weeks before and I had self treated... I had deep sports massage and acupuncture... exercises to do ( no running) then.. another very gentle massage and ultrasound... then a regime of walk runs as I said before.. it has healed beautifully... I think :)

    Please get it checked out :)

  • If the swelling does not reduce, go and get it checked out..if you check some of my past posts... I am just off the IC after a torn calf muscle injury...

    Please do not run until you get it sorted...there is a wealth of .. information on the net, some useful.. some not..


    ....but you need to see a specialised Physio to get it checked properly..Mine was a mild tear... but it has taken a lot of time and care to sort..:)

  • I've seen the GP - she advises no running until the swelling has gone. Not DVT, at least.

    The pain has gone today though I have been active - walking about but not running.

    So, ice and elevate. Anyone have a box set to recommend?

  • Well... you know what to do... rest up and be sensible... I found the being sensible, bit, the hardest!

    I just caught up with stuff... painting and some writing and plotting new routes..I di the gentle exercises the Physio gave me too:)

    Heal soon :)

  • I will be sensible. I want this over asap.

    I'll check the funds for a physio visit if it keeps up.

    Thanks for your support, oldfloss.

  • You are very welcome... I really empathise with you..It is so painful and frustrating...:)

    Mine cost £40 a session... it seems a lot..but folk on the Bridge to 10K forum ( where I post too) said that it was reasonable...:)

    And, it was well worth it... even though the initial massage was pure agony, it really did work...:) The second visit was so much better, because I had followed all his instructions for recovery..:)

    Keep us posted please ? x

  • Rofling here as I read about explosive acceleration - hahahaha. They haven't seen us in action, have they?

  • They haven't ! :)

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