Newbie - 2nd day done!

Thanks for everyones posts on my first post - Day 2 and getting ready took longer than the ruddy run! I managed to find an old bra (2 sizes smaller!) and squeezed my dds size 8 vest top over my size 20 frame - that and pair of sooky pants for the old tum tum jiggle really did the trick! Must have been better today cos yesterday got to the end before getting home and today I was in the house just at the end. It wasnt sore today - just knackering but I am a determined lady and felt really good after it. (Must admit my 60 secs runs is more of a quick shuffle but hey ho)....bit the bullet and ordered a sports bra (what a price but hopefully worth it!) Next to work on is shoes but will have to actually try them on...


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  • Hi there, I'm new too. I'm starting my 3rd week tomorrow and not sure I'll make it but after the good advice from others on here I'm going to try at least and if it doesn't pan out I'll do week 2 twice. You made me laugh about your bra, I wore two (my avid runner daughter advised that some do) and half way round I could hardly breathe (don't think it was just the asthma)! Won't do THAT again. I managed to get some Karrimor running shoes from Sports Direct and was extremely lucky that they're great for me. My youngest daughter has had me order some more for her...down from 80 quid to 22 if that's useful for you? I've NO idea what sooky pants are but I could do with some! I've gone down from a size 22 to a 16 and I jiggle way too much but as I intend to lose over two stone more, don't want to shell out on tons of size 16 gear.

    Good luck with your progress and I'll follow your posts with interest as we're almost on the same page.

  • Well done on getting out there :)

    You will be amazed at how much of a difference a good sports bra will make! I think I am a similar size to you so I know full well. An absolute MUST for fabulously big boobies! :D

  • Welcome and well done! Don't worry about just shuffling along. I've just finished week 4 and I'm still far from what I would call running - my feet don't get very far off the floor at all. (Not that I'm ever going to have one of the lovely big strides that I see on other runners around town when I'm under 5' tall and have tiny legs, lol!)

    Just keep going - that's the goal at the moment :)

  • Thanks everyone for the encouragement - sooky pants are those wonderful items of torture you buy in M&S to "suck" in the fat - for me all it does is spill it out at the top and the legs but at least it did keep some jiggle under control!

  • That made me laugh - getting ready took longer than the run. I know what you mean. It still takes me forever to get ready to out. I faff around doing this and that - have a little routine, etc etc.

    That determination will get you through the runs. Slow and steady and all the best of luck.

  • Ha ha I know what you mean, I am the Queen of Faffidge :-) xxx

  • well done on your run :D and for getting out there :)

  • I drive myself crazy getting ready as I pick stuff up, put it down, then forget to pick it up when I go downstairs so have to traipse back up.

    Nike running pants are good at pulling everything in. They magically smooth everything out so no lumpy-looking legs - they hold the stomach and butt in as well. Nike Filament they're called.

    I got Karrimor trainers, cheap as chips ones, when I first started running. They're fine

  • For those wanting a few bits and pieces of running gear without spending a lot karrimor have done me for 2 years and sports direct have always got it cheap. Aldi and lidl often have running events on. I sometimes had to buy men's tops from there when I started (size 20 then) but that doesn't bother me. Good luck to you all!

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