Medic required

Medic required

Went for 10K today ended up completing it in about 70 mins with a run walk approach. Dinner Dance last night and the Xmas meal took its toll. Struggled up some hills. lots of friendly people out today, runners waving I guess that's better than saying hello as you can't hear it if you headphones in. I'd nearly got to the end when I said hello to a couple walking their jack russell and then it happened. I fell over. I'd stumbled early on in my run and was impressed by how quickly I recover but I think my maximum stride felt about 2 metres. Anyway at the end I went flat down on both knees and hands so at least I didn't do any major damage. The walkers stopped to ask if I was okay which was lovely. I said I was fine just needed a rest ;-) I then got up and finished my run, walked for 6 mins to cool down.

Hot bath and lots of scrubbing to get the much out and I still feel pretty good despite the throbbing knees. It's years since I skinned my knees talk about going back to your childhood

Have great runs today.



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32 Replies

  • ouch ouch ouch !!

    glad to hear your run was ok despite the fall, and that you are not too damaged.

  • Just a scratch ;-)

  • Nasty....hopefully superficial, make sure you get any grit out... Sounds like a good run though....take care :)

  • Thanks Juicyju - yes just a bit of scraping I gave them a good going over with a flannel

  • Ooh boy. That must sting. I'm impressed you could finish the run.

  • Didn't really feel that bad until I got home. They look worse there

  • Ouch! That looks awful! Mind you bit of a wash with the flannel and you'll be as good as new. I scraped my knees a few weeks ago and they were fine, but yours look worse I have to say

    If you have some sea salt chuck some in a hot bath and have a soak. Epsom salts is good stuff as it's antiseptic! If you have the bog standard garden Epsom salts that will be fine, or it's Epsom salts in the form of bath salts if you have any. You don't tend to get bath salts these days come to think of it

  • Great idea MW. Missed my stretching as I wanted to get them cleaned up. That's the trouble running round bridle ways with mud covering chalk and flints. I was lucky with my hands though justa minor cut.

  • Oh the inevitable smack as you land and you know it's gonna happen. In slow motion. Erk! I banged my cheek as well. I really had to brace myself to try and reduce the impact to my face as I knew I could have smashed my face in. It was literally pitch black. I take the torch with me now but managed to forget that the other night. It's even black as a bag on the main roads.

    I scraped my hands, as you can't help it can you. "A mere flesh wound" though as they would say in Monty Python!

  • Indeed tis but a scratch

  • not surprised you struggled up some of those hills after a dinner dance and a Christmas dinner the night before. I struggle on a normal run. Hope the knees are ok and you enjoyed your trip back to childhood

  • thanks Jo - "trip" lol

  • Jo you should try it! I successfully ran off what was shaping up to be a *hideous* tequila hangover this morning. The first ten minutes were like purgatory, but after that? Blooming magic!

    Getting Fitter, that looks like a badge of honour to me.

  • Well done TF long time since I've had tequila slammers ;-)

  • Haha, I was at home with very old friends, playing Irish folk tunes very badly, and doing shots of tequila from the most appropriately-sized receptacle my kitchen had to offer. Which was an eggcup. So less rock and roll, and more geeky eccentricity. Hope the knees are better today :)

  • Thanks they'd be fine if I stopped slapping them panto style ;-)

  • It's only a leg....I've got another one....!! (what film is that from?)

    Glad you're ok GF. Good run though eh?!

  • Monty python and the holy grail

  • Very impressive that you managed to finish your run ! hope your knees are all ok now

  • Thanks vixchile they'd be fine of I didn't bend them

  • Oh no! Looks ouchy! We are all returning to our childhoods what with splashing through puddles, getting all muddy and now skinned knees.

    Seriously though, hope you are not too stiff tomorrow. We don't bounce quite so easily as adults! Dig out the Desperate Dan plasters...

  • Hate plasters coming off - at least my mum doesn't have to darn my trousers

  • Ouch - hope it doesn't affect your next run!

  • Thanks I hope so too

  • Oooh, ouch! You will have some fabulous scabs to show off though! Well done for keeping going :-)

  • Thanks Clara the 10k was more important than my knees

  • I thought I was on the wrong site when I saw the picture!

    You got up and finished your run?! I'm seriously impressed GF. I hope they don't throb too much tomorrow. Great run though.

  • Thanks IP it was really near the end when I fell

  • Ouch!! Talk about going back to your childhood. Puts me in mind of yellow iodine knees! How I hated that. Hurt more than the grazed knees lol! Sounds like you had a great run though apart from the tumble.

  • Thanks hilbean my wife has an antiseptic spray which stings just as much

  • Oh GF, that looks nasty .

    I hate falling cos I always get that horrible feeling as if Im going to throw up, must be the shock. Plus it makes ya feel like a right t*t doesn't it when other people are around :-D

    Anyway, plasters on and a big kiss better :-) xxx

  • Thanks PP. lots of lovely sympathy for being a bit of a d**k and not watching where I was going ;-)

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