Have your times improved with the colder weather?

I have noticed in my runs over the past few weeks that my time over 5k has improved by a couple of minutes having plateaued at a pretty consistent level all summer.

I don't think it is a Runkeeper aberration as it has been a steady improvement. (Although on one famous occasion in early Spring Runkeeper did maintain that I had run 14.7K in 20 minutes which was exciting but sadly not true!)

The only thing I can think of that has changed is that the weather is cooler and I don't get so blooming hot during the run.

Has anyone else noticed a similar effect - or maybe I am just finally getting better?


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  • I graduated on Nov 7th, so I guess that means I'm going to get progreesively slower after February :(

    Oh well, something to look forward to for next automn :D

  • I sort of think you will be fine - already faster than I am ever likely to be!

  • I do find it easier to run in the colder weather, and it sounds as if you are just improving which is fabulous...well done :)

  • Thanks Juicy - it would be nice to think so.

  • Definitely improving Ully. That 14.7k in 20minutes is in sight. ;)

  • Yeah - I think I might need binoculars though!

  • Hahaha :D :D

  • Cool weather?? I wish!!! My 5K Parkrun time was 2 minutes slower than PB - too bloody hot!!!!! But then again - I haven't actually run a Parkrun for a couple of months - have been doing lots of slow running and even run/walking. Apart from the heat, I think it is very easy to lose that "edge".

  • Cooler weather could help, but it certainly is your fitness as well. Congratulations on shaving some serious time off! A couple of minutes is huge!

  • I noticed I ran faster the other night and put it down to the fact that I was hungry, it was pitch dark cos I'd forgotten my torch and I just wanted to get home. Reason enough to get those legs moving. Maybe I should run in the dark, on an empty stomach, more often

    It was really cold but I was lathered so took my jacket off but then felt the chill wind on my bare arms. It felt wierd to be so cold and yet so hot at the same time.

    Today, I ran the same run two minutes faster. It was warmer and I did it in daylight which helped as I was not as hesitant. I felt annoyingly hot though

    I think Ully you are getting fitter and faster.

  • Thank you, it would nice to think it is increasing fitness. I'm afraid that 5k in 30 mins still eludes me and might take a while longer though!

    Running through all this mud everywhere is quite hard work though isn't it? I do worry a bit about slipping and picking up an injury. We're not easy to please are we - it's either too hot, too windy, too wet, too cold - but we do really enjoy the six or so days a year with perfect conditions!

  • I would agree with you :D being the real reason you are just getting better :D

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