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Wow! Hills... and best run in days ;)


I am just back form a really good run... that had one of the worst start

Woke up and thought, I'll run into town to go to the market - (6 k) but then hanged around, started a sourdough loaf, fed the chooks, admired the garden getting wilder by the minute, washed up last night dishes... so it got really late and decided to take the car, wearing my running clothes under my normal ones, shoes and dog in the car, drive to market and then go somewhere flat for a speed work. This sounded a good plan, as by now I did not feel to run for more than 20 minutes...

But I am known for not having plans, and even the short term ones often get changed :)

Ended up at my usual spot, still with the plan of doing the speed podcast - then at the junction I thought, sod it, I am going to try the hill! Set up the interval timer I have been using lately for run/walk but instead of doing 2 min run and 1 min walk I decided to go for ​1 run/2 walk, as a way to start training for the long hill I will have to tackle at HM in May.

20 minutes of that, about 2,4 km, and then it was all running downhill until the end of the loop (4.9 km) - started at 14:08, finished at 14:49!!!! And of course.... this was the day I left garmin at home, so I don't have a clue of what speed I was doing - but I am sure my heart rate reached its maximum at times, and I don't need a HRM to know that...

I am really pleased, only last week I was feeling a bit odd, and just strolling up that road had left me breathless - could have never imagined of running it - and the few people I met were so encouraging !

So from today this is going to become part of my training plan for the HM - do "the loop", as it is known here, once a week, run/walking on the way up until maybe, one day, in the not so distant future I can run all the way up...

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Sounds brilliant training. It's really flat round by me - biggest challenge is getting over the railway bridge!

PigiviGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

You can't imagine how many times I envy you!!!!

Jo55Graduate in reply to Pigivi

You and me both


Nice work! It's great when that motivation to do the hills strikes you. Will this become part of your regular routine now?

PigiviGraduate in reply to runswithdogs

Yes, am going to do it once a week - then one day of speed and one long easy run - will start with the myasics plan for the HM - as suggested by MissW mid january, by then the hill should feel a bit easier!

Wow that sounds brilliant. Hard going but you did it! It will get easier the more you do it and it won't be long before you'll be running all the way up.


Well done. Dreaded hills!!!!! I did a bit of hill running the other day and it feel epic doesn't it. When you get your breath back that is.

If you know when you started and when you finished, and the route, you can calculate the pace on one of those online pace calculators. I think runnersworld has one

Started a sourdough, fed the chooks! You sound like me! I get distracted and start all sorts

PigiviGraduate in reply to misswobble

Indeed, and then end up wondering why there is never enough time!

I managed to calculate the pace - 8:12 - whic is my best for 5 k! I reckon the downhill counts a lot for it :)


Hey don't do yourself down. Uphill, downhill, it all counts!


Keep up the good work. It all counts and it all makes a difference in the end.

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