Was up and at em 1st thing :D pre breakfast run, read somewhere it teaches your body to burn body fat and not just carb's , mob phone check, runkeeper check :D off we go ...

Just a nice little run out and back , there was me thinking I am running slow and easy but them Runkeeper says average pace 6.12 ,what? eh? are you sure? sure enough next time same again 6.10 , made an effort to slow it down but that didnt work next check in from runkeeper you have covered 3.17 km average pace 6.......... then nothing .

Bliddy typical mob went and died on me as i was working out i was on for my fastest time yet for 5k .

I still cannot work out as i was trying to run slower yet seem to maintain what i consider a fast pace ??

I just carried on running back to my start point and did my 5 min cool down walk.

Whilst it is good to know all these stats it is also good not to know and just enjoy the run :D

happy running weekend everyone :D


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  • Maybe you wore your phone out trying to keep up with you. Notsoslow_Rob!

  • haha if only

  • That happened to me once too Rob and it's a real pain. I do find my best runs are the ones where I don't even look at my Garmin until the end. Your body will find its own pace and sometimes it's a pleasant surprise!

  • I guess it is just natural progression :) a very pleasant surprise :)

  • Technology always goes wrong at worse times. I always run pre breakfast & glad to hear it means I'm burning fat!

  • thats the theory i believe :D i am going with it :)

  • I'm with you - just hope I don't trip up next run as will be watching my belly hoping it melts away!

  • touch wood no trips so far :D and none in the future . as a rough guesstimate i have lost about 1 - 2 inches off my waist since i started running and just being more careful about what i eat :)

  • Well that's a techy *ugger... You can always use this site to map out your run today.. and if you know your time you can work out your overall pace or 5k pace. That is a really fast pace you are running (wish I could do that) I've just got back from a slow 5k plod and my overall average pace was 9:05 mins per Km... but trying not to get stressed out about a fast face.. its the exercise that counts! :-)

  • yup a real *ugger .i really wasnt trying to run fast or faster . seems it is going to be normal pace ... somehow i need to run slower and for longer ,well that was the aim today

  • So annoying! My c25k+ podcasts sometimes jam or stop for some reason, SO irritating. I just try & keep running but it does kind of throw you. With those speeds I'm afraid you'll have to change your username to 'was slow rob' or 'superspeedyrob':)

  • hmmmm was slow rob sounds quite good :) Thanks Marly

  • I am always better really early while the body is still fresh, sounds like you did really well... well done you :)

  • Thanks juicy :-D I continue to amaze myself ... one thing I did realise is that I really do feel like a runner now :-)

  • woops, I have just read the opposite about burning fat and breakfast.... so much for information on the internet!

  • no, sorry, had misread your "at em" thought it meant ate them :)

  • Phew ... but you are right there os so much info out there

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