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Second attempt!

Has anyone else started and given up and then decided to start again? I discovered this forum and the C25K iPhone app back in May and felt so determined back then, but failed miserably!

To be fair I made two fatal mistakes, the first being I decided to include two friends in my new routine, an abject fear of running alone and looking like a fool, and the second was starting during a particularly bad period at work, on call nights, long hours and no routine.

I made it to W3R1, and just stopped, I felt like such a let down! It didn't help that one of the friends I started running with carried on and posted her amazing progress to Facebook.

I've now started again but haven't told anyone, no posting to Facebook, just running in the cold and dark, sticking at it through the rain and have just completed that W3R1 again, one more and I'm back on track! Is anyone else on their second attempt? How are you finding it?

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Glad to hear you started again. Make sure you finish it this time. Running alone in the cold and dark is character forming. If you can get through that then you can run the world. Lots of us are out there too, freezing our butts off at stupid o'clock, so don't think it's just you. I started C25k with someone else and she promptly dropped out so I carried on regardless. Best thing I ever did was to complete the programme. It's changed my life it really has, and has done for thousands of others. It can for you as well

Good luck!

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I started back in January 2013 (yes that is not a typo) and for many reasons have stopped and started again, usually at week 4. A month or so ago I thought - enough - and yesterday did run 1 of week 8 and am so pleased that I will finally complete it. You will do it - and feel fantastic for doing it.


Starting in a really busy time at work was ambitious, & not surprising you struggled. Don't look back, look forward. This is a different time, it's not about anyone else this time. Why do you want this? How much do you want this? Set your mind & do this!!!!!! Your body will follow, & we will be there willing you on x


I also started this in or around may then got to week 8 and due to massive stress have a teenage step daughter say no more and no job I went back to smoking and stopped. I was so angry at myself as I was so near.. my plan like you is to start again cut down cigarettes and get back on my treadmill.. felt so much better and promised myself I will not let a 15 year old hormonally challenging girl let me stop what I loved. Good luck keep us all posted and we won't tell a soul...


It took me too attempts to graduate in October 12 I gave up as I couldn't handle the longer runs (wk4) and I hadn't found this forum. In Feb 13 I gave it another go and graduated in the April.

I then had a nasty accident (non running related) and then when I returned to running I got a running injury.

This year I 'graduated' again as I used the programme to get me back on track begore starting a 10k programme so I've done it three times in all :-)

Good luck with your own goals


You are much better doing C25k by yourself, in my opinion. If you run with someone else then the pace has to be that of the slowest and the faster runner will not be developing to their maximum potential. The important thing is that you have had the determination to get out there and start again. It is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Congratulations and good luck.


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