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Help needed :-(

I've just finished week 7 r2 and whilst I completed it I found it difficult and don't feel proud of myself for some crazy reason!! I've been feeling really quite down the last few days and even called in sick to work as I was not doing well. I do feel a bit better for having done the run but perhaps any kind people could give me hints and tips to improve my mood a little more. I know there's always great tips on here!

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At this stage you are bound to find it difficult - but please don't be disheartened! You are managing it and that is an amazing achievment! You SHOULD be proud of yourself :) Just reflect on how you felt at the start of the course - and focus on how much you've improved in only a short few weeks! :)

During your runs, it sounds so simple and obvious but it really helps me, remember to keep your head up and focus on the distance, rather than head down looking a few steps in front (which is what you naturally are inclined to do, I think). Look out for hazards obviously (LOL) but really try to focus on that. It lifts me every time!

Everyone has good and bad runs, but try not to dwell on the bad ones, and focus on the next.

Keep it up, whatever you do, you are doing so well! xx


I also did this run last night and had an ok run, compared to monday where i thought i had a good confident run. By this stage you have done three 25 min runs so you know you can do it. That said each run is different and as already mentioned there are good and bad. As for hints, not sure mine are any different to anyone else. When i am tired i slow down, when my mind wants to give up i focus on something in the distance and run towards it. Say it to yourself "i can run for 25 mins" and think about that, 25 mins is a long time and 8 weeks ago i could hardly run for sixty seconds let alone 25 of them. Next week we run for 28 and then 30, and beyond that. It is not easy, it is a challenge at times but you have managed it so fair and you should be proud of that. I am not a brilliant runner, but like you i am doing the best that i can.

When ever you finish your run, smile and say to yourself "I did it, I finished" don't over think it too much then and there. Do it later if you like and make sure that you look at your run constructively for good and bad points. Don't tear it apart.

I hope that your mood will come around, you have one run to go and then on to week 8, look at how far you have come in 7 weeks. :D


You know, it is really good to get that 'bad run' in the bag at this stage, strange as it may seem. It does seem like a lot of us have them round Week 7/8... I know I did. It's helpful to have the experience and understand that sometimes it just doesn't hit the spot and whilst something may come from in depth analysis, just as often there's no real reason, it just happens. And the next run may feel completely different.

How much else are you doing? Sometimes if you're really 'going at it' it can have an adverse effect on mood rather than the more usual improvement. It sounds good that getting this run done has helped your mood a bit as that will encourage you to keep at the programme. I'd suggest that if you are still struggling with your mood when you graduate, you start thinking then about whether you might be in need of some more specific support.


Think there maybe something in the air, I've been feeling the same for about a week. Perhaps it's the weather. Don't give up, you will feel even worse if you do, you have come so far, and don't let yourself get too tired. good luck with your next run.


What these guys say rings a lot of bells with me. We sometimes forget what a massive thing it is we are doing here - going from hardly being able to run at all to running for half an hour and beyond! It is a massive achievement and one of the most important things you can do in your life - the physical and mental benefits are incredible. BUT (there's always a But) the very act of running and pushing ourselves further puts stress on both our bodies and minds and there will be bad days and bad runs - bad days make me run less well and bad runs make my day feel less good - but we learn how to cope with these things and they really do make us stronger.

I have sometimes completed a run and not had the usual sense of euphoria I expected because the run had been a strain and I felt it should have been easier. But our bodies and minds are metaphorically taking two steps forward and one step back. You will find that there are literally thousands of people from this forum who have been through the same thing - and come out the other side. I had quite a few failures around week 7 which were sometimes the result of tiredness and sometimes of over-confidence - but bad runs are soon forgotten the next time you have a good run. And there is nothing like a good run to help improve our moods - stick at it and it will all come incredibly right for you.

And the thing is you completed the run. The important thing is to keep doing the running - never give in :)


Thanks everyone for the helpful advice. I'm definitely NOT going to give up that was never in question as I'm determined I will do this! I'm just feeling a little down and don't have anywhere to turn and this place is great for that. Onwards and upwards I guess! Thanks again all


Hugs xxx


We all have bad runs. Thing is, your bad run was actually a successful run :) Not many of us can say that.


I think most of us have found that the achievements of working through C25k really lifted us mentally ( I don't really think I have come down since I started), but maybe you are overdoing it. Are you under pressure at work or home in any way that you can control?

This extra exercise in your life needs to be carefully thought about too. Your diet and hydration can seriously affect how you feel while you are running and also afterwards. Do make sure you have a balanced diet and try to cut out the junk, because the changes your body is going through do require good nutrition.

Did you get a buzz doing W5R3? If so then you are normal. If not....maybe you should consult your GP. I remember the last three weeks of the programme as being mostly very hard and a real slog, which made me question why I was doing it. I stuck with it and now think that C25k is up there as one of the best and most life changing things I have ever done.

Good luck. I hope your spirits lift. Keep running, keep smiling.

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If you're not in work in the day, and can run in daylight, get off road and be somewhere green and beautiful if you can. Best antidepressant I've ever found!

I really rate regular mindfulness meditation for low patches and general feeling-human-and-alive purposes, there are quite a few free guided meditations online to download. I use an app called insight timer. Disclaimer: you will get the giggles and feel like a fool. Do it anyway and keep doing it. It's not instant or magic, but it truly does help.

And remember it's November, and there isn't enough sunlight, and it'll pass!

Hold on tight.


hmmm , 1 you should definitely be feeling very proud of your acheivements so far :D think back just over 7 weeks and to where to started and then look to where you going to be at the end of 9 weeks :D

sorry that was a long 1. lol

Dont be so hard on yourself try to focus on all the good things that the program is doing for you and the effort you have put in , definitely something to smile about :D keep at it :D it is just so worth it :D

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Thanks again everyone! I work nights so I always run in the afternoon as soon as I get up and I do infact set my alarm just so I can fit in my runs and I've never missed one yet which has surprised me lol! I've also been eating better and have lost 11 and a half lbs which I will continue with I've got another 1st 10lbs to go. My gp even told me I was very hard on myself which I kinda of agree with sometimes if others point it out I can see it too which is what's happened here so thanks again everyone !


I also felt a bit down after some of the longer runs, and googled it - seems it's quite common if you are not drinking or eating enough, carbs especially...make sure you're fuelled up and hydrated, then as Spikymoss says concentrate on keeping your head up - I'm sure I'm not the only one who hunches over when the going gets a bit tough..not only will you be looking at the ground, you won't be getting enough oxygen.. keep on running, keep us posted.. xx


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