help needed!

Hey everyone,

Can anyone help find a way to motivate me? I went on holiday the week before last after completing week 3. Did loads of cycling and walking on holiday but no running. Came back and have spent all last week and so far this week making excuses and avoiding running. I was really motivated before the holiday and now it's all gone out the window! My excuses are all based around it being too hot, as we know this is quite unusual in England, but i know I can run I hear as I did before. I really don't wan to lose what I started to feel about the plan, but tiredness and feeling crap are all winning at the moment.

Please help!



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  • Hi Tracey, Just do it. Put your shoes on and get out there. I guarantee you will feel brilliant when youfinish. It really is hot at the moment so either early morning or late at night but make sure you have enough water. Come on just a few minutes will start you going again. Laura is waiting ;-)

    Good Luck

  • I know how you feel. But get this.....


    Gut lucken!

  • I recognise the feeling, but just go out and do it! Don't think about whether to do it. It's only 40 mins in total, and you will feel so much better about yourself after, and so much more motivated for the next run. Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

  • by the way - love the van in the photo. Is she yours?

  • Thanks everyone, I need a good talking to! And even shouting at 'danzargo' ;) I've just started a G&T and am sitting int the garden! Naughty! I am going to do my VERY best to get out in the morning. And, yes Bonniesingh it is our lovely van, she's called Lazyee Dayzee :)

  • Just think of it as 30 minutes peace for yourself to breathe in the fresh air and feel alive. I give so much of my time away to work, commuting, house work etc that this 30 minute run/jog/walk is just for me . My space, my time. !!, go for it!!

  • That's a good way of thinking mancbird, I'll give that a try when my, 'oh don't bother' gremlin pops up!

  • It's no nig deal. It's just 30 minutes of pain,sweat, breatlessness, avoiding to traffic, sore feet, cheesy podcast music, leaping over potholes and swearing at Laura.


  • Hi camperfan, know exactly what you mean. The biggest thing that keeps me going is the bathroom scales. By eating a little more sensibly, I have so far seen about 2lb a week ebbing away. As I am now about to start W6R2, I was pleased to note that since starting I am down 12lb so far. As I have loads of weight to lose this is a big incentive to myself to keep plodding on. Go on, you know you want to get out there really.. :-)

  • Whenever I feel a bit "defeated" - and literally cannot get started, I put on my running shoes, go outside , start walking in any direction - and then I start to run the W1D1 intervals -- 60 minutes running, 90 minutes walking -- I just keep on doing that until my lethargy lifts. Works every time for me!!! :)

  • Like that idea Bazza, on my first 3 weeks, I just said to myself , just go out and if you walk it's no big deal and I always ended up completing the podcast!

  • Look at it this way.....without being know what running has done for why give it up? Put your shoes on.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I love to go for my run and need no prodding to get out there. You can't be made to do it if you don't want to. You might need to think back to why you started and check whether you're aims are still the same.

    If they are then that's that. Get your shoes on and go. Have fun out there

  • Hi all, update; gremlins tried really hard this morning to stop me, but I forced them to shut up and went out! Did a week 3 run and it went well, nice to run in the morning, even though I'm not great at getting up! So, am going to try the first week 4 run on Friday morning. Thanks for the wise words, I thought about them every time my lazy gremlin said stupid stuff to me x Tracey

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