I'm new ...post two

thanks to those who helped me last week.

Today I completed W2R2 but at silly o'clock - 5pm - I was hot, tired and hungry. In an unusual occurrence at 55 degrees north, the glowing ball in the sky appeared unobscured by grey fluff at high altitude for the second time in a week.

I did complete it without any breaks but found it much harder than Saturday mornings run. Found myself cursing the switched off air con at the gym.

On the way to the gym I pass a lovely big park with a running track and briefly toyed with the idea of running outside but I wasn't dressed all in black, there were two road cyclists lapping it and lots of people sitting in the sunshine on the grass around the track so....outside is not for me yet.

I'm off for a city break Wed & Thursday so R3 will have to be Friday, I wonder if that will be harder. At the moment I still struggle with the thought of running more than 90 sec at a burst. I wonder if there's a point where physically, heavier people can't finish the programme - like it's just not possible until, say, you shed an extra stone or two,

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  • Hi it is possible for heavier people to do the programme it might take longer and may have to be tied into a weight loss programme but you are the master of your own destiny so have faith in yourself and tell your inner demons that you can do this relax and follow what Laura's says if you are following that programme. Try and ignore the gawkers and get outside it will make you work hard as it is entirely different to the treadmill and a lot more enjoyable.

  • No, I don't believe that at all.

    We have completers of all ages, shapes and sizes on here and nearly all of us started from a position of poor fitness.

    It make take a little longer, but the programme builds you up gradually - always challenging but never impossible. There is no harm in extra rest days if you need them, no shame in repeating runs if they have proved difficult. You will get there though! Thousands of us have been turned into runners by this programme. It works!

  • Thanks. I don't feel the need for extra rest days (yet!) but I do feel quite exerted and puffed at the end of 30mins. although heavy I'm fairly active and I have lost 2 stone already with slimming world so I will think positive about it getting easier. Bit worried about having to work harder outside if I'm honest. I've got my wee treadmill routine going now. I will shyly state that one day I would like to run a 5K.

  • Heavy or not..it is do-able!

    Go you.. well done.. even with that strange sky object! :)

    Slow, steady, in your own time... and.. go on.... get out there...you know you want to...pretend you are invisible... and just do it! :)

  • Is that the same sort of thing as Ménière's disease I have had that three times over the years..horrid!

    Just wait until it passes... rest... that is all you can do ?

    It will pass and you will be up and running before you know it.. :)

  • Sorry.. I sent a reply to you and one to another post..ignore the one about dizziness!!! :)

    Yep I am loopy!

  • hee hee, I shook my ears back and forth there in case I had symptoms I didnt know about lol

  • Well done you for Wk2 r2. If you don't feel you need any more rest days then you're ready to continue. The great thing about this programme is that it will build not only your strength and endurance but also your confidence as you progress. One run at a time. Slow and steady. Take it easy but don't stop :)

  • I agree. Well done for the run you have done. Taking the pace slower should mean that you can carry on. My own fault in the past was to think I had to run faster and faster. Especially when I passed other runners!

  • I genuinely don't think I can go any slower. I'm mortified to say that my brisk walk is 5.0km/h and my 'run' is between 6.0 and 6.5km/h. My teenage daughter tells me she walks at 6.0 and runs at 9.0 and she smirks at me as she says that.......

    I have a very short slow, stride, always have........when I walk round the shops with my friends I have to scurry to keep up with them.

    I know slow is key. If anyone more experienced than me thought I was ridiculously slow I could put the speed up a tad. I have done 7.0 but I was waiting on creating something truly awful that would end up on a Harry Hil clip show........

  • Aaagh! Only too well do I know the pangs of wanting to satisfy my urge to be a ' fast runner' :) But - at this point would rather be a happy 'slow' runner than a 'not-so-happy' fast-er one ;)

    I posted about this today actually - synchronicity!! We really ARE all in this together.

  • Running outside might not be for you... yet, but it will be at some point and I can almost guarantee that you'll never look back! Well done for your second run. Heavier people can get through the programme as fitness is actually quite separate to weight so you will surprise yourself. Well done on run 2! Every week I thought I wouldn't be ready for the next week but you really can get all the way to week 9 and beyond!

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