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The good, the bad and wet socks

Well I done it I did week 3 run 1 starting at 7 this morning rather than move it back another day there were good points and bad. good I could SEE as I ran this morning woohoo bad lost me dog for a few minutes as I decided to change route at last minute and she didn't see tho found her again a few mins later good I found the run good and I was capable my legs didn't ache till the last 3 min run bad the panic edge phone call from my mum as I forgot to tell her I was taking her dog for a walk this morning but overall a good start to week 3

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Well done you!

Me too! I did it, my first EVER 3 min run and I did it twice :-)

I really struggled on the first one and could hardly breath as I lumbered on (I suffer from Bronchiectasis so breathing not good at best of times) but it was (ever so slightly) uphill and I managed the rest no problem, I was even disappointed when it was over!

I can see the danger of overdoing things as I'm sitting here now looking out at the beautiful sunshine and wanting to go and do it again! Where on earth has that come from? ;-)

Oh well, it'll have to wait until Sunday…



Well done I know about it being easy to do so much more I had to make myself slow down on the second one as I set off way to fast cos I was enjoying it tho must remember spare socks next time going to work with soggy feet is not fun lol


Sounds like a great run, and glad that you found the dog again :)


Thanks She's a good girl I doubt I would ever 'lose' her properly as she would just keep running round the park till she found me she loves the runs as she is a spaniel she keeps going on and on its my mums dog buster the lab who stays with me (and tries to knock me over as I run sometimes cos he thinks it's a game) but it's getting ten exercised at the same time so can't complain


well done great work and out so early :D each week builds on the last ,hope your other runs go well :D


We'll done icewolfandscrumpy!!

Glad you found the dog...bless her. Good job! I don't take my girls out on my runs. They're all cosy sleeping in front of the log burner. Lucky labs!

Good luck with the next one.

Oh and always a bonus if you can see on your run :) :)


Well done. Pesky dogs should be following you ;-) Mine shot off this morning after a deer . He always takes a while ot come back. Congratulations on getting W3R1 done


I tend not to follow the same route and that was partly to improve my dog's recall (spaniel again!) She is a lot better now. There were a few runs when we started out together and after that the best I could say was that we were in the same wood. She'd show up at the end.

It's lovely to see your enjoyment of the programme, taking all the hiccups in your stride.


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