Wk5#2 in the bag

Well who would have said 6 weeks ago that I would have become a runner and started to enjoy it?!

I am baffled and amaZed. Hats off to this program.

Bring on the biggy of #3- I am almost excited! The last couple of runs I have felt like I could go on a bit longer so assume my fitness is improving.

Also amazed at the body of people on this forum supporting one another- really is fab! Thanks everyone!

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  • Well done. It's great innit.

    Run 3 was quite hard, but not as bad as I thought. I pretty much don't fear anything now I have got that one out of the way.

    Even ordered a GPS watch to track my training. ( also has an S.O.S button in case of heart attack)

  • Oh you SOS! In your Black storming gear! Hahaha! Who'd have thought hey? You've sneaked ahead of me! When are you doing your wk6#1?

  • Probably on Saturday assuming post Cardiff city p*** up tonight doesn't go on too long.

  • Well done and good luck for R3 :) Agree wholeheartedly that this is a great forum

  • well done :D just take it slow on Run3 dont go off to fast :) it is a wonderful program and everyone here really is wonderful, we have have all been there and done :D welcome to being a runner :)

  • Sounds like you're doing great. Well done you! :)

  • Well done airhare. You'll smash that third run. We are all willing you along.

    I'm like you...almost excited to see if I can overcome that challenge. It does seem to be the one that everyone worries about.

    Wishing you masses of luck xx

  • Thanks all- I did 20 minutes and still can't quite believe it. On a hangover too!

  • Just came back to see. Well done Airhare. Did you have an enormous grin or do a little dance. I think I will :) xx

  • I thought I would, but I felt a little sick with my hangover, ;-) oops. I wasn't triumphant as I thought I would be. I ate a fried egg sarnie afterwards and felt much better. Looking forward to my wk6 now...

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