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Way hay - week 9 run 3 completed! What now?

I did it! In week 6 I never thought I'd could run for 30 minutes outside, but I did it! The question is, what now? I'm still only running for about 3.75k, although my whole route is 4.75k. How do I get better? Advice please - I need new challenges to keep me motivated. Although overtaking a dog walker was fairly cool - it'll be an old lady with a shopping trolley next!

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Well done!


well done :) it is really upto you depending on what you want to achieve :) I am a little bit further along but still finding my running feet , for now i would say just enjoy your running :)


Well done! Just keeping to three times a week running without having a set goal can be great, but there a loads of training programmes to keep you motivated. I'm a fairly recent graduate (about a month), just trying out different routes and methods., some variety.

You could try the c25k+ stepping stone and other 5k podcasts, if you want more Laura coaching &/or structure. I tried stepping stone too early and tried to do too much, too long, too soon, going too fast, so now am just trying not to compete with myself so much, attempting to keep it slow and steady, but managing to extend my run length slightly when I have the time (maybe once a week).

Happy post-c25k running :D


Well done


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