Running watch wearers - design?

Running watch wearers - design?


I've been running with my TomTom Cardio Runner for a few months now and I've noticed that while running, to turn my wrist by 90° so I can see the display, is actually a bit of an effort. It's made me wonder why running watches aren't designed so that you could see the display wothout having to turn your wrist ... Having said that, this would mean the TomTom's built-in optical HRM wouldn't work very well!

Anyone else ever wondered the same?


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6 Replies

  • my only thought is that it wouldnt sit proud and possibly chafe hip etc?? I like your thinking though!!!!

  • What you need is Google Glass to give you a Heads Up Display. Then you can see your data without having to look down. Unfortunately Google Glass seems to have died a death and disappeared into the great unknown. Funnily enough, I heard rumours earlier this month that there may be a Google Glass 2 which has a "sport" version. Interestingly, the same rumours suggest that the sport version may not be visual at all, but rather some audio wearable using bone induction technology so that you can "hear" your data.

    Make of that what you will. It still all seems vapourware to me. I certainly won't be holding my breath waiting for the kit ever to arrive on the market.

  • Bit of an effort to look at a watch!? lol no, don't have that problem, so never thought about that... Maybe lose a few more calories having to turn wrist! lol

  • I'm serious! You're out running and having to turn the arm and wrist into a position to see the numbers clearly could be easier. If the display was on the side of the wrist bone it would be much easier.

  • Your watch will always slip round so that the flat part of the watch is against the flat side of your wrist. That means that a display on the top edge of the strap would need to be in addition to the main workings rather than replacing them. Maybe that's just too expensive or complex to implement.

    Clearly running watch makers do realise that one runs with the watch like that - the GPS antenna on my Garmin is built into that part of the watch, so that it points up towards the heavens.


  • Um.. no! It really doesn't seem to be so difficult to turn your wrist a tiny bit!

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