Wrist based HR monitor with LOUD "beep" ??

There are many running watches with integrated HR monitor - but I am looking for one which can be programmed to go "Beep" when I exceed a certain number ( most of them I guess?) - but also the "beep" MUST be LOUD!!!! -- at least loud enough to hear while running, not just when buying it in the shop :) I have many quite a few reviews of watches - but none mention this aspect.

Thanks for any ideas.

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  • Hi Baz ,

    My TomTom Cardio Runner might be able to do this, I'll look into it for you. I know you "train" in set heart rate zones.

    I'll get back to you


  • The Jawbone UP3 definitely doesn't beep. It will vibrate after a certain amount of steps but that's not what you want. Not sure if you can link the monitor to one of the many apps and that will beep.

  • Hi Bazza, I have a Forerunner 220 that I programme to do my run/walk intervals. It bleeps but also vibrates which is why I chose it. It wouldn't do what you want but maybe if you look for the vibration feature that would overcome the need to always be able to hear it?

  • Hi, I have the garmin forerunner 225 and it does what you want. Vibrates like mad if you try and give yourself a heart attack, or run too fast, or too slow etc etc and the app integration is awesome.

  • Thanks all -- I hadn't realised that some of the watches vibrate as well as beep. I currently have a cheapie that only beeps.( quietly)

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