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I had great plans to run tonight straight after work on some local roads that are well lit, but really had to give up on that idea due to the rain and wind.... hope I'm not being a wimp but drizzle may be fine but didn't see the point in getting pneumonia!! Felt even worse on my way home as i passed a few people out running... grr.. wrong decision may be?

Hopefully will be better tomorrow or I may try out a friends treadmill for the first time ever!! :-) :-)

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hey Andy :) dont sweat it , i know you will do your runs as you want to :) not sure about the treadmill though I am so used to be outside now :D good luck when you do run inside or out :D


I think the rain is ok! But you do need to be able to get dry ASAP afterwards!


There's a run out there with your name on it, Andy...doesn't really matter if you missed a day (imo)...Have a god day - I hope you've found a nice spot for today's attempt! :D


Andy, This was a reasonable decision. i suffer from lung disease, so I KNOW about pneumonia! Better to be healthy and wait for the elements to calm down! (Mind you, that's why I chose the option to go to the gym where the light and warmth are good) The forecast for Kent where I live is good for Thursday, but wet for Friday. Ah well! Not to worry.


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