Here goes!

I'm 56, short(ish) and overweight. I go to the gym occasionally but not enough for it to do any real good. I'm fed up with feeling unfit (as a youth I played loads of football and was a 400m runner). My daughter pointed me towards C25K and it seems an ideal way to get myself moving again, and easier than organising a trip to the gym. I've entered the British Heart Foundation Tower of London run next May, and am determined to run the whole thing, and ideally do 10k rather than 5. Tonight's the first night on the programme. Wish me luck!


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18 Replies

  • Good luck can do this!! :D

  • Hi Well done taking the first step. I am new to this as well you will enjoy it honest. My first time on here but I have using the app on my phone and find it really useful. Sounds like you have set yourself a good goal for next year very brave I am sure you won't need it but good luck. :)

  • great stuff 5k :D welcome and well done on making those all important steps :D it truely is a great program ,stick with it and enjoy it :D

  • Good luck, you can do it just listen to Laura.

  • Believe me if I can do this...anyone can :)

    I am an ex smoker and have never run in my life. Just listen to Laura and take it slow. My big thing has been going too fast...!!

    Good luck with it.

  • I was 57 when I started C25k, seventeen months ago. I didn't expect to enjoy running, I was doing it to try to stop the decline in my stamina. Within a few weeks I was hooked. Now I cannot imagine life without running. C25k has changed my life. I am fitter than at any time and the big surprise was the psychological effect, since I am happier and more confident than before. Consequently, I am a great believer in this programme and will applaud your decision to start. Stick to the programme, post your progress on here and good luck. At times it may be tough (maybe not) but it really does work and this community will cheer you on to finish line and offer advice, consolation and praise whenever they are called for.

    having set yourself a target, I am confident that this programme will get you there.

    GO, go, go 50kOrBust!!!

  • good luck...its great to have a goal. Believe in the programme and take it one step at a time and you will succeed....

  • Good luck! I am 51, been overweight most of my life, chosen last in team sports at school etc etc and I started the programme in July. Did my first ParkRun (running in daylight with strangers!!!) on Saturday and very proud of my PB time of 33:18. I came 163rd out of 183! Before C25K I would not have tried running to the end of my street, and could not have imagined running for 5k/ 30mins without stopping. This programme is FAB! I have raved about it so much my sister and 2 of my friends did it too! Good luck with your own journey :-)

  • Good luck I admire your determination

  • This is a great thing to start and you have a very achievable goal. Good luck !!

  • Good luck and enjoy :)

  • Wow! A great goal already set! Great on you! You can do it, we're all behind you, keep us posted! Very best of luck xx

  • Welcome to the programme , you have made one of the best decisions of your life . It works !

    Keep posting of your progress because it really does help, we will all be here to cheer you on.

    You CAN do this, and Well done to you for setting a goal, fab stuff !

    Good Luck and all the very best to you :-) xxx

  • I'm glad you reminded me of that Clara. Running in the daylight with strangers! Who'da thought it? I think many of us hid in the woods to take those tentative first steps. Some chose only to run in the dark or drive to remote locations where they'd not be recognised. After a bit you don't give a stuff who sees you.

    Good luck with your first run. If you go slowly you'll be absolutely fine

  • Good for you for committing to a race. I also did before I started the program and it was a great motivating force. Happy trails!

  • You don't need luck, just determination and commitment and you'll run that 10k next year. Happy journey!

  • Take care,take it easy ...speed can come later.You can do this .

    Were all here to support and cheer...keep posting how you're doing :)

  • YAY! First of all, BIG warm welcome! Secondly, thank your daughter because you will really love this programme it is designed for anyone! Thirdly, yes I believe you can get there and run that 10k for sure as you stick with Laura for up coming weeks. Determination over luck any day though :D We are cheering you on...

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