Couch to 5K

C25K Complete :)

So this morning at 8.50 I completed the C25K podcasts having completed my first podcast in January 2013!! With some injuries, bad weather and a charity event, I have finally reached my goal and learnt a lot on the way.

1) Listen to your body - it is okay to rest up until limbs are feeling better

2)But don't use mild aches and pains as an excuse to get out of a run!

3) Sports massages are super but blooming painful on your first go!

4) Park Runs exist and I fully plan to join in now I am confident to join some fellow runners.

5) Its good to have support - my other half fully encouraged me to go out in the darkest of mornings even if he wasn't joining me. Having done a charity run with colleagues, their verbal support on swapping our training programs were encouraging.

6)Having a goal really motivates. My original goal was a 3K chairty run in Sept which I completed with colleagues. My next goal is separate charity triathlon event in July next year!

7) Buy good shoes. Treated myself after my charity run and its helped my knee and so much more comfortable!

8) I sweat a lot and my face turns into a tomato! But I have stopped caring!

9) I love running in some drizzle or cold mornings. But must be prepared for the frosty mornings and slippery leaves!

10) Enjoy yourself. And know its okay to rest an extra day (*cough*or week) because you are working your body so hard to reach that final goal :-)

I plan to hit the gym to build my core muscles as my back is suffering atm and will join my first park run in a couple of weeks! :D

Keep Running! x

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Many congratulations Jennifer! Very well done. I hope you feel proud and you go out and celebrate. You are so right with all the things you've learnt along the way. It is a journey of discovery in more ways than one! :)


Great news ! and lots of good advice there. Hope you enjoy your future running and many congratulations.


super well done done jennifer :D it is a great feeling ,enjoy every second of it :D


Fantastic work Jennifer, congratulations on reaching your goal! The charity triathlon sounds a great next challenge, all the best for that. And hope your back gets better soon x


Well done and congratulations :)


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