I have just been told that I have a major medial meniscus tear and am never allowed to run on the road/tarmac etc again, if at all. I am starting physio which I will do relentlessly as they say I might avoid surgery. They say I might be able to run on grass in the future. Meanwhile, I am losing all the fitness I gained since finishing the plan in April. I was running 30 minutes plus, 3 times a week (mananged a 36 min 5k!) and feel lost without it. Seriously upset - any words of encouragemnt might help. Thanks. P.S . Am in tears just typing this.


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  • Oh Rockette1 that is awful news. Can they not repair it with surgery? Running on grass would be better than not running and they keep inventing new ways to rebuild us so I would do the Physio and see how you are. Hope that you get a better prognosis. I would start googling as well.

  • that is awful news to hear :( You did C25K which proves you are strong menatlly and physically, You will get through it :D and i hope you recover and can get back to something you obviously enjoy :D

  • Oh no, I've got tears in my eyes reading this, I am so, so sorry. Use the physio, tell him/her how gutted you are & that you want to maintain fitness & maybe run on grass at some point again. They might be able to advise you on alternative exercise that you could do, like swimming, till you are through this. And maybe in a bit look out a personal trainer who can tailor some workouts to your needs & maybe move beyond just maintenance but build fitness again. It is not the end, it is the start of another journey. As Slow Rob says you have proved yourself mentally & physically by completing the programme, you can get through this. It will take time, you will have to learn to adapt, maybe running on grass, maybe another exercise, but you will do it, we are all rooting for you. I also think doing your own research is good advice too. In the meantime, a giant mug of tea, a huge slab of cake, a good blub & a cuddle from a loved one/friend is prescribed xoxoxoxo

  • So sorry to here that. I have a bad hip, not been told not to run but every time I do it gets really sore. I have now got a bike which is easier on the joints. Keep your chin up xx

  • So sorry to read this, you must feel gutted. Would you be okay to use supportive gym equipment like cross-fit trainer, recumbent bike? Or swim? That would keep your fitness up, and keep you active.

  • Oh no Rockette, I'm so sorry to hear that news. Do stay strong, and work with your physio with a plan to run again. Is it the motion/articulation in your knee that you must avoid, or is it the impact that is stopping you from running? It is not quite the same, but an elliptical cross-trainer could keep you 'running' but without the impact. Just a thought.

    Best wishes.

  • How awful for you...I don't know what to say. ...

  • Such sad news Rockette1. No wonder you're so distressed. Really hope that with time, effort and a good physio, you'll be able to run again.

  • Oh Rockette, I can imagine how awful this is for you! You've received lots of good advice already, just wanted to let you know that everyone will be wishing you well.

  • Oh no. I'm so sad to hear that. What awful news. You never know though. Try to think positive. Grass is better than nothing at all and physio may just work it's magic. Fingers crossed f

  • For you. Hadn't finished!!!!

  • I am so sounds like you have had a really togh time. When I was on the injury couch for 6 weeks I did alot of swimming and rowing machine...could you get a bike and cycle? Take care and sending a big C25K hug xx

  • Oh dear, even more tears, but this time good ones! Thank you all so much for your kind and generous words. Positive thinking, hard work with the physo, telling them my goal is too run on grass - I can do all this You have all really cheered me up and knowing that I have your support makes all the difference in the World. Roll on next appointment - and let's beat this bad boy!!! xxx

  • Sorry to hear thàt news, glad you're feeling a bit more positive, we all all crossing our fingers and I wish you all the best with your physio appointments. ... :) x

  • Oh Rockette, I wish you a happy ending, we are all behind you, all the very best to you xxx

  • Oh rockette no wonder you feel dreadful . But don't give up girl everyone here is behind you. Not a lot I can add to what's already been said but sending big hug .

  • So sorry to hear that!hopefully you will make a good recovery and be able to run on grass or can you run on a treadmill? Maybe other activities such as cycling or swimming if the doctors say. The good thing about cycling is you still get and see the sights. I hope all the best while your recovering :)

  • The very idea of me on a moving bike should put the fear of God into normal, easy-going Londoners! But apparently part of my physio is on a static bike - I have to wait 2 weeks to go back and I am assuming she will have a plan that I can do at home as well. It's times like this that I think giving up the booze and ciggies was a serious mistake! x

  • i am sure you will have a good plan. Hadn't realised you were in London so bikes can very didn't make a mistake giving up those things if it made you feel better and you will be a lot healthier as a result. I really see you are upset so I big virtual hug is working its way to you!

  • Oh , what a shame ! I do hope you can find some non impact sport you can do to keep up your fitness.

  • Sending you a huge hug. I can't add anything to the advice given already, just to let you know, as I'm sure you know, we are all thinking about you.

  • Hi Rockett

    I am so sorry that they have banned you from running at the moment.

    At first being told that you can't do something you enjoy is like being hit with a sledgehammer but whe running may be out of bounds now does not mean that will alwYs be the case.

    Go see what the physio says, they are in a better position to give you recovery rates , from there you can hatch your plan for where you will like to be in the future. One of the hardest thing you need to do at this moment is accept your current limitations so you can find out where your boundaries are (if you know that then you can start to move them)

    I hope you are feeling a little better this morning (emotionally) it's a big shock and it feels like someone has ripped your world from under you feet but have faith in yourself and you will get through this.

  • Hi determined-flump! You make such good sense - I am going to carry your words around with me in my heart and my head. I especially like the bit about knowing where your boundaries are so that you can move them. I had to go where I normally run this morning and it looked beautiful in the sun - but I said to myself that I can plot out a grass route and it will be just as beautiful when I get back to it. Look out running- I'll be back! x

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