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How often do you run?

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Hi everyone, I have downloaded the app and plan to start tomorrow, am rather nervous actually as I have never considered myself as a runner but have seen alot of good feedback about it. How many times a week do you run? Might say on the app how often to do it but just wondered :)

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The programme is designed that you run 3 times a week. So you run, have a rest day or two, run and so forth. The rest days are very important so don't try and skip them.

Good luck for tomorrow you will be fine.

That's great thank you, I think I will need the rest days!

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Hope you enjoy it :-) it's addictive!

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Like the others say, it's 3 times a week. My advice: hardest bit is leaving the house. Once you're out there and doing it, it's pretty straight forward, not easy, but simple to follow, just be careful, you might end up loving it, just like I did!

Just follow Laura's advice on the podcast and you'll do great! I'm now on week 7, and I've loved every minute. This program is terrific and the folk on this forum are too!

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I need the discipline to keep on track with the program. I start each new week on a Thursday, then Sunday and finish week on Tuesday. Works for me. I just go nice and steady, when my legs or chest say stop it is mind over matter time. Good luck with your runs, you can do it:-)

Just repeating all the other advise re 3 times a week and have your rest days. I was nervous too but I gained such satisfaction from small achievements. It has really boosted my self esteem as well as my fitness. Good luck!

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Don't be nervous! You'll be fine. I did 4 runs of week 1 (going out every other day) and started week 2 last night. I'm 44 and few stone overweight and very unfit!

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It's not three times a week... it is quite simply have at least one non-running day between runs. So as ClaireBare says, you can run every other day if that suits your lifestyle. 'Week' in C25K terms means 'three sessions' (mostly three repetitions of the same podcast but there are some interesting variations in the middle) For example, I had to repeat the week one podcasts a lot of times before I'd worked my way up to completing one, so 'Week One' was actually six weeks for me, and but after that I was able to run pretty much every other day and never needed to do an 'extra' session to finish a week.

For some people, it suits them to have set days on which they run in which case it *is* going to be three runs in a calendar week. Realistically, you'll probably find there are some days when you can't get out for some reason, and sometimes it is a good idea to have an extra day's rest (although I find that often the way to deal with aches and pains (cf actual injuries, never had one so don't know and suspect it isn't the same) is to get out there and just take it gently) There is an overall NHS fitness programme which combines using the NHS C25K and the NHS Strength and Flexibility podcasts (and beyond) and that does prescribe a day of rest from both running and the other exercises.


I usually do a run on Mon, Wed and Fri so I have a rest day between each and two rest days at the weekend which sets me up for the challenge of the following week on a Monday again. Some people run every other day - so long as you have on rest day between each run that's fine. The rest days are important because that is the time the muscles recover and repair themselves to come back a little bit stronger each time. Well done on deciding to start the programme. I can understand yo being a bit nervous but there is not need - it's a wonderful programme, achievable and you will get plenty of support here. Good luck and best wishes.

Thank you so much for all the comments, just done the first embarrassingly unfit even though I dance 50s jive, just different I suppose. Didn't manage all the running on the programme but hopefully will be able to do more overtime, 5k seems a long way off but it's a start :)

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Welcome aboard :) good luck with the c25k and don't forget to pop in from time to time and let us know how you are getting on ;)

Thanks Paul, will do, am planning on doing Mon, Weds and Fri so having a rest day today!

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